How To Fix YouTube Video Black Screen In Chrome & Firefox With Sound

How To Fix YouTube Video Black Screen In Chrome & Firefox With Sound

Learn to fix the YouTube video black screen on your browser with us. Does this error show up when you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari? For all these browsers, we have excellent fixes. These fixes come with instructions too. After reading this blog, you will be able to deal with this error like an expert. 

In this blog, you will learn about the following.

Why Do YouTube Videos Show a Black Screen with Audio on Browser?

YouTube video black screen Chrome/Safari/Internet Explorer/Firefox error can persist due to these reasons. 

1. Poor network connection issues may be showing this error.

2. If JavaScript is not running properly, then this error will appear.

3. The third cause of this error is an outdated Adobe Flash Player.

4. Not clearing cookies and cache on your system can generate this error.

5. YouTube video shows black screen and audio only when the graphics card has not been updated.

6. If your browser is incompatible, then YouTube will not work correctly.

7. Enabling hardware acceleration or browser extensions form the next cause.

8. You may not have updated your browser.

How to Fix YouTube Video Black Screen with Sound?

YouTube videos only black screen issue can be resolved in 6 ways. Go through these ways one by one to get more information.

Fix 1: Determine Your Network Connection’s Status 

The YouTube video black screen error may be coming up on your system due to a faulty network connection. You can check its status to determine whether this is the cause. In case this happens to be the cause, you can use a VPN. Alternatively, you can check the programs on your system that may be making your network connection slow. 

Fix 2: Check that Your Browser is Not Incompatible

A web browser being incompatible is not an extraordinary problem. A possibility is there that your browser may not be compatible for using YouTube. 

To be sure, you can try using YouTube on some other web browser. If that browser presents you with no black screen in YouTube videos, then your former browser may be incompatible as opposed to this one. 

Fix 3: Log out of YouTube Account 

“When I play YouTube videos only black screen gets displayed.” When you are in this spot, an effortless fix to get out of it involves logging out of your YouTube account. To log out of it, this process should help.

1. Open the “YouTube Page”.

2. On the upper-right, click on the icon of “Account”.

3. Tap “Sign out”.

sign out - youtube video black screen

Fix 4: Reload Page or Restart Browser 

The problem of the YouTube black screen on videos can be settled simply reloading the page or restarting the browser. This can be done in as less as 2 steps. 

1. On your system’s keyboard, tap the “F5” key. Now, the page will reload.

2. As an alternative, restart your browser. For this, close the browser completely. Then click twice on it to open it again. Now, open the “YouTube” page. The error will have disappeared.

f5 - youtube video not working black screen

Fix 5: Update Graphics Card Drivers on Your System

Do you see a YouTube video black screen with sound? If you do, then your system’s browser has encountered an error. This error is likely to be on your system when the graphics card has not been updated. To get rid of this error on your browser, you can update the graphics card.

Learn the procedure to update it in 5 steps only. 

1. Hit the “Windows” key to visit “Start”.

2. Write “dxdiag” in the “Search Box”. Hit “Enter”.

3. In the “DirectX Diagnostic Tool”, access the “Display” tab.

4. In the section of “Device”, find your graphics card’s name.

5. Update your graphics card. Then check for the YouTube video not working black screen error.

Fix 6: Update Adobe Flash Player on Your System

In rare conditions, an outdated Adobe Flash Player can be the source for certain problems. It can also affect the performance of your browser. If you find that YouTube is not playing videos, screen is black, and Adobe Flash Player is outdated, then you need to update it. When the player has been updated, your browser will smoothly work when you use YouTube.

Updating Adobe Flash Player will resolve the issues. You can play any video on YouTube after the updates have been applied. This error should stop appearing on your browser now. 

How to Fix Black Screen on YouTube Videos on Google Chrome?

YouTube video black screen with sound on Chrome can be fixed by updating the filter lists, removing the browser history, and in other such ways. Scroll down to know all the ways.

Fix 1: Turn off Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome

“I can’t see videos on YouTube, black screen is visible.” When you’re experiencing this screen on YouTube, it is likely that you will not be able to enjoy the videos. Turning off the hardware acceleration should benefit you in overcoming this black screen. 

To turn off the hardware acceleration, you can read the following instructions. 

1. Click twice on the “Google Chrome” browser to open it.

2. Press the three-dot icon to access the “Menu”.

3. Click on “Settings”.

4. Tap “Show Advanced Settings”.

5. In the section of “System”, untick “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available”.

6. Start the browser again.

Fix 2: Remove History Data of Web Browser on Google Chrome

Sometimes, the YouTube video plays but black screen shows along with it on Google Chrome. The history of this browser may be causing this problem. You can try removing the browser history and data to stop seeing the black screen on YouTube. 

Scroll down to read the 5 steps that will help you in doing this fix. 

1. Press together the following combination of the keys.

“Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Delete”

2. In the new window, choose a time range for clearing the data.

3. Choose the items for which the data needs to be removed.

4. Click on “Clear Browsing Data”.

5. Now, open YouTube. Check if you can still see the error.

Fix 3: Update Google Chrome Browser

A browser that has not been featured with the latest updates may not function properly. If it has been too long since you last updated it, then you should do it right away. Follow these 4 steps to do it.

1. Access “Google Chrome” on your browser.

2. Click on “More”.

3. Select the “Update Google Chrome” option.

Note: In case “Update Google Chrome” is not seen, then your browser need not be updated. You are using the latest version.

4. Then press “Relaunch”. The YouTube video problems black screen error should stop existing now.

Note: Any tabs or windows open will be saved. These will be automatically opened after restarting. However, the tabs or windows in the “Incognito” mode will not open after restarting. You can choose “Not Now” if you do not wish to restart at the moment. You can restart it later and the update will be made available.

Fix 4: Disable Browser Extensions on Google Chrome

“Can browser extensions cause a black screen on YouTube videos on Chrome?” Owing to certain causes, the extensions can lead to this error. So, now we will show you how to disable the browser extensions in 6 steps. 

1. In Google Chrome’s “Address Bar”, write “Chrome://extensions”.

2. Hit “Enter”.

3. Open the settings for extensions.

4. Extensions for ad blocking like “Adblock” and “Adblock Plus” need to be disabled. Deselect “Enabled”.

5. Open “YouTube”.

6. Play any video. Ensure that the black screen gets fixed.

Fix 5: Update Filter Lists on Google Chrome

Google Chrome YouTube videos black screen issue can get on your nerves. Thankfully, this solution will help you in fixing the issue within minutes. In a short while, you will be able to enjoy streaming YouTube videos without the black screen coming up. 

1. Clear the old data of your browser.

2. Update your browser.

3. Remove the cookies of your browser.

4. Ensure that no cache of the browser is left.

5. Attempt to reset the settings of the browser.

6. Restart your computer.

7. Now, launch Google Chrome.

How to Fix YouTube Video Black Screen on Firefox?

On Mozilla Firefox as well, the problem of YouTube video not working with black screen showing up can occur. For clearing the problem, you can try out these fixes.

Fix 1: Try Disabling Hardware Acceleration on Mozilla Firefox

If you can’t watch videos on YouTube, black screen frequently disturbs you, and you’re looking for a guaranteed solution, then you can read below. For this problem on Firefox, you can disable the hardware acceleration. It will definitely work. 

Let us now see how you have to do it.

1. In Firefox, click on “Menu”.

2. Select “Options”.

3. Choose “Advanced”.

5. Untick “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available”.

6. Restarting Firefox is the last step.

Fix 2: Update Mozilla Firefox Browser

“I can’t see YouTube videos, black screen keeps emerging.” This problem may be hinting that your browser needs an update. To update Mozilla Firefox, these are the directions you will need.

1. Press the icon of 3 lines.

2. Click on the icon of “Help”.

3. Choose “About Firefox”.

4. In the window of “About Mozilla Firefox”, you can see the process for checking the updates. The updates will be automatically downloaded. Then press the button for “Restart to Update Firefox”.

Note: Did the update not start or you encountered a problem? You can visit the page for “System & Languages”. You will be able to download the updates now. 

Fix 3: Disable Browser Extensions on Mozilla Firefox

When you can’t watch YouTube videos, black screen error persists, and you find no workaround, you can disable the browser extensions. You can disable them in 7 simple steps.

1. Go to “Firefox”.

2. On the top-right, press the icon of “Menu”.

3. Tap “Add-ons”.

4. Open the extension settings.

5. Press “Disable”.

6. Launch “YouTube” on Firefox.

7. Play a random video to check for the error. The YouTube black screen no video error shouldn’t bother you now.

Fix 4: Clear Mozilla Firefox’s Browsing Data

In this fix, we will show you how to fix YouTube videos black screen problem. For this, we will be clearing the browsing data from Mozilla Firefox. This is a short fix that can be completed within a few minutes. 

1. Press the button for “Library”.

2. Tapping on “History” is the second step.

3. Opt for the “Clear Recent History” option.

4. Access the dropdown menu for “Time Range to Clear”. Here, you can select the time range for which you wish to clear the browsing data.

5. Choose the items for which you want to clear the browsing data.

6. Press “Ok”.

How to Fix YouTube Video Player Black Screen on Internet Explorer?

To troubleshoot the black screen on YouTube videos on Internet Explorer, you can turn off the hardware acceleration and remove the browsing history. The details of these fixes have been provided below.

Fix 1: Delete Browser History on Internet Explorer

The black screen on YouTube videos Internet Explorer problem can be fixed in various ways. Deleting the browser history is one of these ways. To delete it, you can follow these steps. 

1. Tap on the icon of “Menu”.

2. Then click on “Safety”.

3. Now, click on the option of “Delete Browsing History” on Internet Explorer.

4. Click on the “Temporary Internet Files”, “Cookies” and “History” for selecting them.

5. Then click on “Delete”.

Once the browser history on Internet Explorer has been removed, check whether YouTube video only shows black screen or has the error been successfully settled.

Fix 2: Turn off Hardware Acceleration on Internet Explorer

The bug of YouTube videos black screen with audio playing can be troublesome. This bug can result when the hardware acceleration has been enabled. Our experts believe that you can disable it on Internet Explorer. Then the bug will disappear. 

These 8 steps will help you in turning it off. 

1. Visit the “Start” menu on your computer.

2. Click on “Internet Explorer” to open it.

3. Then you have to tap the “Internet Options”. 

4. Then press “Advanced”.

5. In the fifth step, click on “Accelerated Graphics”.

6. Make sure that “Use Software Rendering Instead of GPU Rendering Check Box” has been chosen.

7. Press “Apply”.

8. Press “Ok”.

How to Fix YouTube Video Showing Black Screen on Safari?

When the YouTube black screen emerges while you’re using Safari, you can implement 3 simple fixes. The instructions for these fixes have been explained in the sections below.

Fix 1: Make Changes to Settings on Safari

“My YouTube video screen is black on Safari. I need help in fixing it”. If the same is your concern as well, then this section is worth reading. Here, you can learn to make changes in the Safari settings. Once these changes have been made, this error will be cleared. 

Now, read the 8 steps given here.

1. Go to the path “Finder – Applications”.

2. Go through the list of applications. Find the icon of “Safari”.

3. Right-click on the icon of “Safari” and click on “Get Info”.

4. The “Open in 32-bit mode” option needs to be selected.

5. Now, you can leave the window of “Safari Info”.

Note: This option can be found on “OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)/earlier versions). For a version higher than 10.8, this option will not be available.

6. Next, open “Safari” on your system.

7. In “Safari”, click on “Reset Safari”.

8. Then click on “Reset”.

Note: For users who are using Safari 8/9, this option will not be available. You can try the next fix.

Fix 2: Try Disabling Extensions on Safari

“When I watch YouTube videos, the screen is black. How should I troubleshoot this problem?” We have an ideal troubleshooting measure for you. As a part of this measure, you can disable the extensions on Safari. The problem will not trouble you again. 

To disable these extensions on Safari, you can go through this procedure.

1. Open “Safari” on your system.

2. Click on “Preferences”.

3. Go to “Advanced”.

4. Select “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar”.

5. Exit “Preferences”.

6. Go to “Develop”. 

7. Then tap “Empty Caches”.

8. Again, go to “Develop”.

9. Here, click on “Disable Extensions”.

10. Tap “History” and select “Clear History”.

11. In the end, restart the browser. 

Fix 3: Delete and Install Flash Again on Your System with Safari

Here is another fix that will aid you in removing the YouTube videos black screen Safari error. This requires you to first remove the Flash on your system. Then you can install it again. Any bug in Flash that could be causing this error will get removed.

If you’re not familiar with the steps of this fix, then you can read below. 

1. Begin with removing the “Flash Player” on your system.

2. Then install the “Flash Player” again. See to it that you install the latest version.

3. Go to “Finder”.

4. Click on “Applications”.

5. Tap “Utilities” and click on “Disk Utility”.

6. Choosing your hard drive is the next step.

7. Click on “Repair Disk Permissions”.

8. To finish this fix, restart your system and then check YouTube.

To Conclude

Whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox, the YouTube black screen can rise. Having read this blog, you need not worry about this problem. These fixes are all you need for eliminating it. 

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