Brother Printer not Printing? Solutions

Brother Printer not Printing? Solutions

Is your Brother printer connected to wifi but not printing? Or is your Brother printer printing blank pages on Windows and Mac? Are you also thinking why is your Brother printer printing black pages with white text? These are the common kinds of Brother printer not printing problems. 

If you want to do away with these troubles, then in this blog you will find the right assistance. We will look at different kinds of Brother printer not printing errors, the causes of these troubles and the perfect fix for every error. 

Why won’t My Brother Printer Print?

In this section of the blog, we will look at the possible kinds and causes of the Brother printer not printing error. 

1. If you wonder why my Brother printer is not printing despite a wireless connection, then the connection could be faulty. Or the wifi may be working but there could be problems with the IP address of your computer and your Brother printer.

2. Users often tell us that the Brother printer does not print or gives the output of blank pages. An issue with the ink cartridge is one of the reasons for this Brother printer not printing error. A faulty printer driver could be another reason why Brother printer prints blank pages.

3. Brother printer printing black pages is also a frequent issue. Usually, Brother printer printing black pages with white text is observed in this issue which results due to an update in the printer driver. Reinstalling the driver is one way of removing this issue. 

4. Even though this brand is very reliable, users often think “why won’t my Brother printer print black”. A problem with the black cartridge of the printer, such as low-quality cartridge and dry ink, could be a cause of this.

5. Another kind of Brother printer not printing error is when the device fails to deliver colored print. Your Brother printer won’t print in color perhaps because the ink cartridge has not been properly installed or is jammed. 

6. One more kind of Brother printer not printing error is when the device is unable to print 32. This error is a possible occurrence when a label is stuck to the drum unit. This can also be the cause for Brother printer unable to print 35.

8 Solutions for Brother Printer not Printing Error

We hope now you understand the reasons why your Brother printer won’t print. Let us now read further and look at the 8 different solutions to settle the Brother printer not printing error and get your device back to the smooth printing process. 

Solution 1

Brother Printer Connected to Wifi but not Printing 

Is your Brother printer not printing over wifi? In a situation like this, your Brother printer won’t print due to a possible connectivity issue. Let us see what you can do to fix this Brother printer not printing error. We will first look at the solution for Windows and then for Mac.

Solution 1.1

Brother Printer Connected to Wifi but not Printing on Windows

Look at the 11 steps given below to solve the problem:

1. Go to “Start”, click “Settings” and then select “Printers” or “Printers and other hardware”.

2. Look for a checkmark to see if your Brother printer is set as the default printer. If you do not find any checkmark, then right-click on your device and choose “Set as default printer”.

3. The next step is to verify the printing status and also make sure that the print queue is also empty. If the printing status is offline, right-click on the Brother printer icon and choose the option “Use printer online”. Also, set the printer driver to be online.

4. In case the printing status has been paused then right-click on the icon of your device and untick “Pause printing”. Alternatively, you can click on “Resume printing” if you need to finish printing a document.

5. Attempt a test print. If the print fails, then move on to the next step.

6. Right-click on the printer driver icon to go to “Properties”. 

7. Then go to the “Ports” tab.

8. A rundown of accessible ports will be visible. You have to select the option “Add port”.

9. Select “Standard TCP/IP port” and then click on “New port”.

10. The “Standard TCP/IP printer port” will pop up. Click on “Next” to continue.

11. Type the IP address of your Brother printer in the space provided for printer name or IP address and then exit.

The Brother printer not printing problem will have been fixed by now.

Solution 1.2

Brother Printer Connected to Wifi but not Printing on Mac

If your Brother printer does not print on Mac despite being connected to Wifi, then here is a step-by-step procedure you can follow.

1. First, ensure that your device is ready to use and the wireless connection is not faulty. Also, the screen of the device should not show any errors. 

2. Set your Brother printer as the default one. Go to “Apple Menu” and click on “System Preferences”. Then press “Print & Fax”. In case you cannot find this option, then press “Print & Scan” or “Printers & Scanners”.

3. In the default printer menu, choose your device to set it as the default printer. 

4. Check the status of your printer by clicking on its icon then selecting the option “Open Print Queue”. Select the option “Resume”/”Resume Printer”.

5. To delete the print jobs and clear the queue, select all the jobs manually and then hit the icon of delete. Now give a print to check if the device is working. If not, then move to the sixth step. 

6. Check that your Brother printer has been properly connected to a working wireless network connection.

7. You can also check the IP address. The IP address of your computer and device should be the same with only different ending numbers. For this, visit the “Apple Menu” and press “System Preferences.

8. Then click on “Network” and head on to the “Advanced” option. 

9. Select the “TCP/IP” and then look at “ IPv4 Address” and “Subnet Mask”. The Subnet Mask should be “”.

10. Print the “Network Configuration Report” to obtain the IP address of your printer. Compare it with the IP address of Mac. The end numbers should be different, ranging between 2 and 254. 

11. Now give a test print. If the printing process still doesn’t occur, then we will suggest you to reset the network settings to factory default. 

Solution 2

Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

We discussed with you in the earlier section why Brother printer prints blank pages. This common error occurs when you give a print command but the only output you get is a blank page. Not only in Windows but in Mac as well this error can be seen. So, here we will tell you solutions for each. 

Solution 2.1

Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages on Windows

1. First, check the ink status of your Brother printer. For this turn on the device and then press the “Menu” button. 

2. Then select the option of “Ink management” and hit “Ok”.

3. Now, tap the “Ink volume” option and again press “Ok”.

4. The next step is to look at the ink level of your device and then hit the “Exit” button. Alternatively, you can also press the “Stop” button if the “Exit” button is not there in your device. If the ink level of your Brother printer is really low, then you will be required to replace it with a new ink cartridge. In case the ink levels are fine, then the ink cartridge might not have been inserted properly. If this is the case, then move to the fifth step.

5. To check that the ink cartridge has been placed correctly, access the ink cartridge cover, pull down the lock level and then take out the ink cartridge. Install it properly and then close the cover.

6. Now give a test print. If the result is a partially blank output, then jump to the seventh step.

7. Click “Start” and select “Control Panel”. Then go to “Devices and printers” and right-click on it to access the “Printer properties”.

8. Select the advanced option and then choose the printer process key.

9. Select the option “WINPRINT” and then tick “RAW”. After this, press “OK”.

10. Untick the option “Keep printed document”.

The problem of Brother printer printing blank pages will have been cleared by now. In a rare chance that the problem persists, then you can reinstall the printer.

Solution 2.2

Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages on Mac

Perform the five-step procedure given below to fix the error of Brother printer printing blank pages on Mac.

1. Tap the Apple icon.

2. Then go to “System Preference”.

3. Now, click the option of “Hardware” under which you will find “Printers & Scanners”.

4. Choose your printer and then hit the minus sign button.

5. After removing your Brother printer, install it again to resolve the printing error. 

Solution 3

Brother Printer Printing Black Pages with White Text

Brother printer printing black background white text is a usual error. Also known as the inverted text error, an update in the generic printer driver is likely the cause of it. We will tell you how to delete the existing Brother printer driver and then reinstall it in just 8 steps.

1. Press the “Windows” key, search “Control Panel” and hit “Enter”.

Control Panel - brother printer printing black pages with white text

2. In the “Hardware and Sound” option, select “View Devices and Printers”.

3. Right-click on the printer driver and then left-click on the option “Remove device”. Proceed by tapping “Yes” to confirm the deletion.

Note: In case your printer driver is not listed then go to “Control Panel”, click “View Devices and Printers” under the option “Hardware and Sound”. Look for “Add a printer” option. Wait for some time while your system searches for your printer. Next, click “The printer that I want isn’t listed” even when your device is now visible in the list.

4. Now, select the option “My printer is a little older. Help me find it”. Your system will look for a printer available on the network. A message may pop up saying that the driver already exists. Then choose the option “Replace the current driver” and hit “Next”.

5. Click on “Next” after leaving the default printer. 

6. Choose a printer sharing option and again press “Next”.

7. Now, set your Brother printer as the default one and click “Finish”.

8. Try to print a test page to check whether the problem of Brother printer printing black pages has been removed. 

Solution 4

Brother Printer not Printing Black Properly

To eradicate the trouble when your Brother printer won’t print black, you can do the things given below.

1. Ensure that the breather tape at the bottom of the cartridge has been taken off to allow the ink to pass out.

2. Check that your Brother printer recognizes the new cartridge. In case it doesn’t, then you will be required to clean the nozzle gently. 

3. Make certain that all the nozzles are working properly.

4. If there is dried ink in the printhead, then you can use the printhead cleaning kit.

Solution 5

Brother Printer won’t Print in Color

For the Brother printer not printing color problem, the troubleshooting steps given below can help.

1. Certain models of Brother printer give a warning when the ink cartridge is about to get empty while some models stop printing once the cartridge runs out of ink. If your device also stops printing, then we will suggest you to check whether the cartridge has ink or not. 

2. Access the top compartment of your Brother printer where the ink cartridge is placed. Ensure that all the colors are available. If a color is not available, then replace it with a new one. All the parts that you move should be placed back carefully in the original position. 

3. The problem of Brother printer not printing in color could also be because of the ink cartridge being installed incorrectly. So, make sure that it has been placed properly, if not, then take it out gently and fit it back correctly.

Solution 6

Brother Printer Unable to Print 32

Is your Brother printer unable to print 32? You can solve the error instantly with the procedure given below. Take a look at the following 9 steps.

1. Power off the Brother printer and tap the front cover release button.

2. Lift up the drum unit through its green handle.

3. Now, you will see a gray lock lever on the left. Release it to pull the drum unit’s front and then pull the unit using the green handles.

4. Inspect the inside of your printer for possible bits of paper or labels and remove them gently.

5. Next, remove the toner cartridge. Now you will find 4 open slots on the drum unit. Look for scraps or labels near the openings and around the black roller and remove if found. Also, turn over the drum unit to inspect for paper or labels.

6. Where the drum unit was placed in the Brother printer, you will find the transfer belt. Remove it via the green parts by lifting it. Remove any unlikely material on the belt. 

7. Where the belt was installed, you will find a waste toner box. Pull it out by holding its green handle and then peep inside the machine for scraps.

8. Place back all the parts to reassemble your Brother printer correctly and then push down the gray lock lever. 

9. Close the front door and then power on the device. The error will no longer prompt.

Solution 7

Brother Printer Unable to Print 35

To resolve the error message “Brother printer unable to print 35”, perform the 6 steps given here:

1. Cancel all the printing operations on your device. 

2. Turn off your Brother printer and lift the printer cover carefully.

3. The scanner cover will now be visible. Look for pieces of paper stuck between and remove them.

4. Move the print head from left to right and vice versa. If it doesn’t move smoothly, something is probably stuck in the middle. Look for what is causing the obstruction and remove it gently.

5. Now, open the jam clear cover and also access the back of the device to find jammed paper. After removing, close the cover. 

6. Next, restart your Brother printer and check whether the error has been resolved. 

Solution 8

Brother Printer Prints but does not Scan in Windows 10

Now, in 7 steps, we will tell you in detail what to do when your Brother printer will print but won’t scan. Before we begin, check that your device is powered on, displays no error, is available to print, and the network connection is in place.

1. Go to “Start”, click on “Control Panel’ and then go to “Hardware and Sound”. Select “Devices and Printers” and then right-click on your device for “Printer Properties”. Print a test page to see the device is working.

how to print from iphone to brother printer

2. Now, again go to “Control Panel” and type “Scanner” in its search box. Select “View scanners and cameras” and check that your device’s scanner icon exists. If not, then install the scanner driver from the Brother website.

3. Check the IP address or Brother printer by pressing “Menu” on the printer. Then press “Print reports”, followed by choosing “Network Config” and then hit “Ok”. Choose between “Color Start” or “Black (Mono) Start” and press “Exit”/”Stop”. To set the IP address on scanner driver, go to “Control Panel” and search “Scanner” in the search box. Click on “View scanners and cameras” and open “Scanner Properties”. Select your device. Hit the “Properties” button. Click “Continue”/“Yes”. Go to “Network Setting” and choose “Specify your machine by address”. Now fill in your IP address and hit “Ok”.

4. To check Firewall settings, visit the “Control Panel” and select “System and Security”. Select “Windows Firewall” and then go to “Network and Sharing Center”. Look at “Your network location” under “View your active networks”. Move back to “Control Panel”, select “Windows Firewall”, and tap on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”. Turn it off and hit “Ok”.

5. After the network operation, enable the Firewall again by visiting “System and Security”. Click “Windows Firewall” and choose “Network and Sharing Center”. Then, select “View your active networks”.

6. Again go to “Control panel”, select “Windows Firewall”, click on “Advanced Settings”, choose “Inbound Rules”, and click “New Rule”. Click on “Port” and hit “Next”. Choose “UDP, Specified local ports” and enter “54925”. After clicking “Next”, select “Allow”, hit “Next”, check “Your network location” and again click “Next”. Click “Finish” after filling in any description. 

7. Still, if the Brother printer prints but does not scan, go to “Control Panel”, choose “System and Security”, tap on “Windows Firewall, and select “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”. Press “Change settings”, check “File and printer sharing” and finally click “Ok”.

Note: If your Brother Printer Prints but does not Scan then you can also check whether the Control Center is running. For this, click on “Brother”, go to “Brother Utilities”, select “Control Center”. Now try to scan. 

Models Compatible with Solutions

These solutions can be used for fixing troubles with the following Brother laser printers and other models:

Brother HL L2300D PrinterBrother HL L2321D Printer Brother HL 3140CW Printer Brother HL L8350CDW Printer 
Brother DCP J125 PrinterBrother DCP T300 Printer Brother Label QL 700 Printer

To Sum up

In this blog, we discussed multiple kinds of Brother printer printing problems. We also gave you easy to perform solutions for Brother printer not printing errors. Now, the next time Brother printer error printing surfaces, you can count on our solutions for the best support. 

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