Best-Ever Canon Printer Troubleshooting Measures

Best-Ever Canon Printer Troubleshooting Measures

Several users of Canon printers can encounter problems like the paper jam errors or a clogged print head. They can also face the problem of their Canon printer printing blank pages or printing too slowly. 

This is a Canon printer troubleshooting guide for all such problems that you may be facing with your device right now. Without any Canon printer software or expert knowledge of your printer, you can apply the solutions provided in this guide to correct these problems. 

First, let us read about the different types of problems with the Canon printers and then check out the fixes for these. 

Types of Canon Printer Problems

We have come across the 5 most common types of printing problems with the Canon printers. These include the Canon printer not responding error, the slow printing speed of the Canon printer, the problem of Canon printer printing blank pages or blank lines or partially blank pages, the problem of paper jams, and unclear printouts in the Canon printer.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Canon Printer?

From the unresponsive state of your Canon printer to clearing the paper jams from it, we will be giving the fixes for all such problems with your Canon printers. In the sections which you will now be reading, we will educate you about the tried and tested fixes for all the usual problems with your Canon printer. 

These fixes will include starting the Printer Spooler Service, reinstalling the Canon printer software, undoing the process of printing, cleaning your Canon printer, disabling the automatic duplexing option, etc. 

Let us first start with the fixes for the Canon printer not responding problem and then move on to the fixes for the other 3 Canon printer printing problems. 

Canon Printer Not Responding

At times, your Canon printer may show you its status as online. Even when its status is online, you will not be able to print or scan through it, try a guide to scan a document on canon printer. It may stay unresponsive. Restarting the Printer Spooler Service can be helpful. For proper information about this solution and its steps, scroll ahead.

Fix 1: Disable the Feature to Use Canon Printer Offline on Windows 

There is a feature called “Use Printer Offline” in Windows computers. When this feature has been enabled, a user may find the printer as unresponsive. If your Canon printer shows you no response and you are using it in connection with a Windows computer, then it is possible that the “Use Printer Offline” feature may have been enabled on your system.

The most ideal fix in such an instance would be to disable this feature and then try to print. The unresponsive state of your Canon printer will not be an error anymore. Here is how to do this Canon printer troubleshooting fix. 

1. Press the “Windows” key to access the “Start Menu” on your Windows computer.

2. Type in “Control Panel” and then select it from the results shown.

3. In the “Control Panel”, click on “Hardware and Sound”.

4. Then click on “Devices and Printers”.

5. View the “Printers” catalog and then right-click on your Canon Printer model.

6. Select the option of “See What’s Printing”.

7. Tap on “Printer”.

8. Ensure that the option of “Use Printer Offline” has not been selected. In case it has been selected, please uncheck this option.

9. Now, once again, tap on “Printer”.

10. Next, tap “Cancel All Documents”.

11. The final step is to try a test print. If a page gets printed, then the unresponsive state of your printer will have been resolved. 

Canon Printer Troubleshooting for Slow Printing Process

Sometimes your Canon printer might not really print with all its speed. The slow printing speed of your Canon printer can not only have an effect on your work but can also annoy you. To improvise the slow printing speed of your Canon printer, we know what exactly you need to do. 

Cancelling all the print jobs and then doing them again, printing in the Draft Mode, and disabling the Automatic Duplexing are the top 5 solutions you should try. Learn more about these fixes in the following sections. 

Fix 1: Undo the Process of Printing

This fix for Canon printers troubleshooting PIXMA models will require you to undo the process of printing. And then give the print command again. Doing so will add to the printing speed of your Canon printer. Let us see what all you have to do in the 9 steps of this fix. 

1. The first step is to ensure that the cables of your printer are well-connected.

2. Then see to it that your Canon printer has been turned on.

3. Now, on your Windows computer, open the “Control Panel”.

4. Tap on “Devices and Printer”. 

5. Ensure that your Canon printer has been selected as the default printer option. If not, then make the necessary changes to set your Canon printer as the default printer option on your computer.

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6. Now, right-click on your printer to select “Properties”. 

7. In the “Properties”, see to it that all the ports have not been selected.

8. The eighth step is to cancel all the printing tasks.

9. Give the printing command once again to start all the tasks that you just cancelled.

At the end of this 9-step procedure, you should notice a difference in the printing speed of your Canon printer. 

Fix 2: Print via Draft Mode

Canon troubleshooting printer problems like the slow printing speed can cause a delay in your work. Printing in the Draft Mode can help you to do away with the slow printing speed of your Canon printer. This mode allows you to print quickly. However, printing in this mode may have an effect on the quality of the printed documents. 

For setting up the Draft Mode, you can open the draft properties and then make the changes. Then try to print via your Canon printer. The printing speed will get enhanced. 

Fix 3: Try Disabling Automatic Duplexing Option

The manual or the automatic duplexing option is an option that can enable your device to print on both sides of the paper. Disabling this option has shown to remove the problem of the slow printing speed of Canon printers. Let’s see the 5 steps of this fix now. You will not require any Canon printer troubleshooting software for using this fix.

1. On your computer or laptop, open the “Canon Printer Property Settings”.

2. Open the “Device Settings” tab.

3. Locate the option of “Allow Manual Duplexing” and then uncheck it.

4. To exit the settings, click on “Ok”.

5. The final step is to give a print command to ensure that the printing speed is not slow anymore.

Fix 4: Ensure Your Wireless Connection is Working 

If you are using a Canon PIXMA printer and you notice a reduction in its printing speed, then the problem may not really be with your device but with your wireless connection. So, in this Canon PIXMA wireless printer troubleshooting, we will advise you to check your wireless connection. 

Ensure that the router’s strength is appropriate. See to it that the distance between the router and your Canon printer is not too much. To get instant connectivity, you can use an Ethernet cord for connecting the router to your Canon printer. 

Fix 5: Start Printer Spooler Service Again on Windows

If you are using a Canon printer connected to a Windows computer for printing, then you can restart the Printer Spooler Service to remove the problem of slow printing speed. To restart this service on your Windows computer, you can follow the 10 steps given right here. 

1. On your Windows computer, click on the “Start Menu”.

2. In the “Search Box”, type in “Service” and press “Enter”.

3. Click on “Services (Desktop App)”.

4. Then right-click on “Print Spooler”.

5. Choose the option of “Restart”.

Note – In case the “Restart” option for “Print Spooler” has been grayed out, then you can select “Start”.

6. The sixth step involves right-clicking on the “Print Spooler” again.

7. Now, you have to select the option of “Properties”.

8. Ensure that the “Startup Type” has been set to “Automatic”.

9. The next step is to save these settings by pressing “Ok”.

10. The last step is to restart your Windows computer. Once restarted, see to it that your Canon printer status is not printing slow any longer. Then this Canon PIXMA printer troubleshooting method will be complete.

Canon PIXMA Printer Troubleshooting for Printing Blank Pages

Canon PIXMA printers are one of the fast-performing printers. Sometimes though, these can print blank pages, partially blank pages, or even pages with blank lines. This usually happens when dust enters the machine or debris gets collected on the inside.

Cleaning the insides of your Canon PIXMA printer will ensure that it does not print any blank pages. For cleaning the insides, there are 2 methods. Let us study the detailed steps of these 2 methods and resolve this problem quickly. 

Fix 1: Clean Your Canon PIXMA Printer

Your Canon printer may be printing blank pages due to any dirt within your device. Cleaning your Canon printer can remove the dirt present within it. Then your printer will not print blank pages. The 13 steps of this solution have been defined here. You can perform these via your Windows computer. Let’s check them out.

1. On your Windows computer, first open the “Control Panel”.

2. Click on the option of “Devices and Printers”.

3. Right-click on the name of your Canon printer.

4. Select “Properties”.

5. Click on “Device Settings” in the “Properties”.

6. Then tap on “Properties”.

7. Now tap on “Print Head”.

8. The next step is to tap on “Services”.

9. Now, choose the option of “Clean Print Head”.

10. Until the Print Head gets fully cleaned, perform the cleaning several times.

11. Next, choose the option of “Deep Cleaning” from the “Maintenance” tab.

12. Now, access the “Maintenance” tab and select the “Nozzle Check” option.

13. Lastly, when the above steps have been performed, print a page to see if it gets printed normally.

Fix 2: Unclog Print Head of Your Canon Printer

A clogged print head of your Canon printer can cause several problems. Printing blank pages or blank lines is one such problem. This Canon PIXMA printer troubleshooting will guide you to unclog your machine’s print head to troubleshoot this problem in 8 steps.

1. Turning off your Canon printer is the first step.

2. Then access the cartridge of your printer.

3. Safely remove the cartridge of your printer and keep it on a clean surface.

4. Wipe the cartridge of your printer with a clean cotton cloth.

5. Then place the cartridge back into your Canon printer.

6. Close the access door of the cartridge.

7. Then turn on your Canon printer.

8. End the procedure by giving a print command. The problem of blank pages will get resolved. 

Canon Printer Troubleshooting for Paper Jams

A lot of you may be bothered by the most frequent problem with Canon printers, that of paper jams. Paper jams are likely to occur when you print many pages. This error can also occur when you use your Canon printer often. 

To fix this Canon printer problem in the shortest time possible, we will tell you how to inspect it. In addition to that, we will teach you how to restart your Canon printer for resolving the paper jam error. Read ahead to find out more about these 2 fixes. 

Fix 1: Inspect Canon Printer for Paper Jams

Bits of paper getting stuck in your Canon PIXMA printer is a very usual error. Until you clear this error, you may face trouble while printing anything. Either your documents will not get printed or they will get partially printed. Let us see how you can remove the jammed paper from your Canon PIXMA printer in 8 steps. 

1. Turn off your Canon PIXMA printer.

2. Remove your Canon printer from the power plug.

3. Now, open the output cover for the paper.

4. Ensure that no paper has been placed within.

5. In the “FINE Cartridge Holder”, ensure that no jammed paper is there. In case found, pull it out gently. In case the paper seems to be rolled up, then pull it out gently with both your hands.

6. Now, place the output cover again.

7. Then place fresh sheets of paper in your Canon PIXMA printer.

8. Give a print command. If the page gets printed then the paper jam error will have been cleared. 

Fix 2: Restart Your Canon Printer

Sometimes your Canon printer may display the paper jam error on its screen even when there may be no bits of jammed paper in the device. For Canon troubleshooting printer problems of this type, we will suggest you to restart your printer. A minor bug that may be causing this error will get cleared. The 5 steps of this fix have been stated below. 

1. Turn off your Canon printer.

2. Remove the power plug of the printer.

3. Wait for a few minutes before you turn on your printer.

4. Then plug in your printer and turn it on.

5. Printing a test page is the last step required to complete this procedure. 

Canon Printer Printouts Not Clear

The problem of the Canon printer printouts not being cleared can emerge due to a faulty printing software. To settle this problem and get clear printouts again, move to the next section. 

Fix 1: Install the Software for Canon Printer Again

As a very useful Canon PIXMA printer troubleshooting measure, there can be several errors with your printer’s software. Also, if this software has not been updated with the latest version, then it will create problems while you print. Installing it again can be very helpful in resolving the problem of unclear printouts of your Canon printer. For installing it again, you can read the 7 steps given below. 

1. On the keyboard of your Windows computer, press together the “Windows” and “R” keys. 

2. When the “Run” dialog box opens, type in “devmgmt.msc” and then click on “Ok”.

3. Under the “Print Queues”, locate the printer driver for your device.

4. Select the option of “Uninstall Device”.

5. Now, visit the official website of Canon and download the latest driver for your Canon printer.

6. After you have finished downloading the Canon printer driver, install it.

7. Now, try to print a page from your Canon printer. The printout error will have been fixed. 

Canon Printer Models Compatible with these Fixes

For the following models of the Canon IP Printer series, these fixes will work very well in troubleshooting the printing problems. 

Canon IP90 PrinterCanon IP1800 PrinterCanon IP2600 PrinterCanon IP3600 Printer
Canon IP4200 Printer Canon IP4300 PrinterCanon IP4500 PrinterCanon IP4700 Printer

These fixes can be applied for troubleshooting the printing problems with the models of the Canon MG Printer series given in the table below.

Canon MG2100 Printer Canon MG2520 Printer Canon MG2522 Printer
Canon MG2922 PrinterCanon MG3500 Printer Canon MG3600 Printer
Canon MG3620 PrinterCanon MG5200 PrinterCanon MG7700 Printer

If you have one of the following models of the Canon MP Printer series, then the fixes mentioned in this post will be very helpful in resolving the printing errors. 

Canon MP250 Printer Canon MP270 Printer Canon MP470 Printer Canon MP490 Printer 
Canon MP510 PrinterCanon MP560 PrinterCanon MP600 Printer Canon MP610 Printer 
Canon MP640 PrinterCanon MP990 Printer 

You can also troubleshoot the printing problems on the following models of the Canon MX Printer series mentioned in the following table.

Canon MX300 PrinterCanon MX340 Printer Canon MX492 PrinterCanon MX522 Printer
Canon MX700 PrinterCanon MX870 PrinterCanon MX892 Printer 

If you have one of the following models of the Canon PIXMA Printer series, then the fixes in this blog will come in very handy in resolving the common printing errors. 

Canon PIXMA IP3000 PrinterCanon PIXMA IP3500 PrinterCanon PIXMA IP4200 Printer Canon PIXMA IP4300 Printer
Canon PIXMA MG2120 PrinterCanon PIXMA MP280 PrinterCanon PIXMA MX922 Printer 

For any other models of Canon Printers like the ones mentioned below, you can try to resolve the printing problems with these fixes. 

Canon F3000 PrinterCanon G3200 PrinterCanon i80 Printer Canon i900D Printer 
Canon Pro 9000 PrinterCanon S330 Printer Canon TS3122 Printer
Wrapping up

With this guide, we hope our solutions for a majority of Canon printer printing problems will come in handy. Do you have any feedback for this post? Or do you want us to cover any other problems with the Canon printers? Your feedback will help us to make this post more amazing. Share your feedback with us in the comment section given below. 

Here is more to explore. Find out the most effective fixes for Canon printer offline. Click now to read. 

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