How To Delete A Folder In AOL Mail

How To Delete A Folder In AOL Mail

AOL Mail helps facilitate you with an option of creating a separate folder. This is meant to store specific emails in your AOL mail account. The feature also enables you organize your emails in a better way to ensure easy and instant access. Sometimes, there may be a few folders which are no longer relevant to you. Yet they’re using up your storage space unnecessarily. Without a shadow of a doubt, you need to delete these unwanted folders from your AOL Mailbox.

When you contemplate a full deletion of a folder from your AOL account, you need to ensure that you have made a thorough consideration of the fact that, once a folder is deleted, all the emails present in that folder along with the attachments will be removed from your mailbox permanently.

In case, there’s a need to make a backup of some of your important emails residing in this folder, it’s the most opportune time to do so. Once the folder is deleted you may not be able to recover any Aol email or attachment.

Read On To Learn How To Delete A Folder In AOL Mail

There are basically 4 steps involved which signify How To Delete Folders In Your AOL Mail Account.

Step: 1 – Unlock your computer, open the web browser you use, go to the AOL page and sign-in by putting your username and password in the requisite fields as prompted.

AOL sign-in page

Step: 2 – After you have logged in, you can see a “Folders” section on the left-hand side. Move your cursor to that position. Now click on the “Settings” icon.

Click on Settings Icon

Step: 3 – When you click on the “Settings” icon, you’ll get numerous options. Choose the Delete option and click. Immediately, a box will pop-up which will send out a notification that the folder isn’t empty.

Step: 4 – Click on the OK button once the popped-up box appears. This confirms the deletion of the folder. So, by now you know how to delete AOL Mail folders.

Delete Folder

In case, you don’t wish to delete a folder, you have an option to rename the folder as well.

Would you like to know the process for renaming a folder in your AOL Mail account? Check on the instructions mentioned below.

Step: 1&2 are similar to what are stated in the folder deletion process.

Step: 3 – Click on “Settings” icon and open the “Edit Folder” option on your screen.

Step: 4 – Here, only alter the name of the existing folder as per your intent.

Rename Folder

Step: 5 – Click on the “Save” button to hold back the new name of the folder.

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