Easy Epson Printer Troubleshooting Methods

Easy Epson Printer Troubleshooting Methods

Whether your Epson printer is printing too slow, not printing properly or is showing you an ink cartridge error, we are the champions at troubleshooting it. In this post on Epson printer troubleshooting, we will teach you quick fixes for settling several kinds of problems that the users of Epson printers usually face. 

Now, let’s quickly throw a glance at these Epson printer problems and the ways in which you can fix them. 

Troubleshooting is a Solution for Various Epson Printer Problems

We have fixes for the 6 most usual problems with Epson printers. Throw a quick glance at these Epson printer troubleshooting fixes. Make sure you check out each step before trying out the fix.

Fix 1: Reduce Print Quality for Epson Printer Printing too Slow

Reducing the print quality works as a great fix when your Epson printer is printing too slow. For reducing the print quality, you can change from the normal mode to the draft-printing mode. This Epson printer troubleshooting fix can be done in only 2 steps. 

1. Choose “Print and Properties” on your Windows computer.

2. Then make changes to the default settings of the print quality. Set it to “Fast Draft”.

Pro Tip: In addition to changing the print quality, you can also choose to print website pages without including the graphics. Increasing the RAM of your printer will also work well. 

Fix 2: Set to Default for Print Jobs Not Being Sent to Epson Printer

In certain situations, users of Windows found that the print jobs were not being directed to their Epson printers. Are you too witnessing the same? One reason for this is that your Epson printer may not have been set as the default printer. The same issue can also arise when you have upgraded your computer from Vista to Windows 7. 

This problem can be fixed using the 4-step Epson printer troubleshooting fix given here. 

1. Go to the “Start Menu” of your Windows 7 PC.

2. Choose “Devices and Printers”. 

printer- epson printer troubleshooting

3. In the section of “Printers and Faxes”, you have to right-click on your Epson printer. 

4. Finally, choose the option of “Set as Default Printer”. 

Now that your Epson printer has been set as the default printing device, the print jobs will be automatically directed to it. To check, you can try giving a print command right away. 

Fix 3: Unclog Printhead for Epson Printer not Printing Properly

Sometimes you may find your Epson printer not printing correctly. It may be printing too light. Or you may find horizontal lines present in the print. The main source of such prints can range from a clogged print head to dried out ink. 

Unclogging the print head of your Epson printer will be one of the top Epson printer troubleshooting fixes for this problem. Let’s see how to do it. 

1. On your Windows 7 computer, click on “Start”.

2. Tap on “Devices and Printers”. You can also open the “Control Panel”.

3. Search for the utility application for the printer.

4. Using the utility program, unclog the print head of your Epson printer. 

Fix 4: Reset Ink Cartridge for Epson Printer Empty Cartridge Error

Your Epson printer may be showing you a message which says that the device is out of ink. We believe that resetting the ink cartridges will be a great Epson printer troubleshooting measure. 

The 9 steps given here will help you in resetting the ink cartridges of your printer. Give these steps a glance. 

1. On your Epson printer, tap the button with the home icon, in case required.

2. Now, choose “Setup”.

3. Tap on “Maintenance”.

4. Select “Reset Ink Levels”.

5. You will see various “Start” buttons. Select any one of these and press “Ok”.

6. Again press the “Ok” button.

7. For highlighting the refilled ink tank, use the arrow buttons for right and left. Then press “Ok”. You may want to repeat this step for all the refilled ink tanks.

8. Now, tap any one of the “Start” buttons and press “Ok”. 

Fix 5: Resolving Slow Epson Wireless Printer by Placing it Near Your Router

Wireless Epson printers are really cool and efficient. At times, however, their speed may seem reduced. Thus, these might begin to give a slow performance.

If your wireless Epson printer is also very slow, then we have a few tips for you. Try these 3 worthwhile tips to improve the performance of your printing machine.

1. Place your wireless Epson printer close to your router. Keeping it out of the router’s range can affect its speed.

2. Ensure that your wireless Epson printer is supportive of the 802.11n spec.

3. The most important tip is to ensure that your internet is working and has good speed. 

Fix 6: Using Authentic Epson Printer Ink Cartridges to Resolve Poor Quality Prints

Some users of Epson printers reported that they were unhappy with the quality of prints after using refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges. This is a big mistake that you need to avoid if you are facing the same. 

Refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges or even third party products cannot beat the quality of the authentic ones. You may find a difference in the pricing, however, the quality of the prints will never disappoint you. 

Epson Printer Models Compatible with Fixes

The Epson printer troubleshooting measures provided in this blog can be used for resolving problems in various models of the Epson L Printer series, Epson Stylus Printer series, Epson NX Printer series, Epson WorkForce Printer series, Epson XP printer series, and other such series. Some of the models of these series have been listed in the following table.

Epson L120 PrinterEpson L210 PrinterEpson Stylus NX110 PrinterEpson NX420 Printer
Epson NX430 PrinterEpson WorkForce 633 PrinterEpson WorkForce 1100 PrinterEpson XP 340 Printer 
Epson XP 430 PrinterEpson 2750 PrinterEpson CX7450 PrinterEpson R280 Printer

In Conclusion

So, these were the various kinds of Epson printer problems that you can face. With our easy methods for Epson printer troubleshooting, these problems will not persist for long on your machine. If you liked this blog, consider giving it a rating down below!

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Jorge Dario Rodriguez
2 years ago

Hello! My printer is giving me error 031008. It asks me to turn off the printer and then on. I have made this action since yesterday but without any improvement!
The printer is the Epson Workforce WF-7720. I have turn off and on for 50 or more occasions but no improvement!

3 years ago

I replaced a cartridge as needed. I am still getting cartridge replacement notice. Also “a paper tray is missing. Incorrect. I have turned it on and off multiple times and am still getting these messages. Any ideas on how to fix?

Nungki Mustofa
4 years ago

my Epson WF3640 suddenly stop printing. the error# is 0x9A.
how to fix it ?

Dave Harwood
4 years ago

My 440 Epson Printer ink carrier will not stay out of the protective cover and therefore can’t change cartridges. Help!

Fred Hisle
4 years ago

I have an Epson WF-3640, it has printed just fine since purchase, I replaced the black ink cartage, it was printing as required, but this past few weeks the black ink is fuzzy, a little smeared, incomplete letters and numbers. Is this something with the printer, printer ink cartage ???? Should I replace the ink cartage ?, and what else should I be checking ????

3 years ago
Reply to  Fred Hisle

same issue here. this is the second 3640 we have owned because of this issue. started after we replaced the ink cartridge. returned the first unit because of this and got a second one. now the second one is doing the same thing.

4 years ago

Hi, XP-432. line up page to print, OK. Click on to print, then at this stage, the page now shows the right-hand 1/3 portion of the print moved over to the left to obscure the remaining page, and then prints with this error. Any ideas to correct? Many thanks, Thomas.

Veronese Burgess
4 years ago

When printing It will stop and give me a message stating to turn off printer Error code: 0x97

David Bohnet
4 years ago

My Epson WF-3640 does not print or copy. The error code on the screen is:0x97

Ron Mortvedt
4 years ago

Recently installed windows 10 into my desktop computer. Windows 10 changed the Print drivers to Epson WF-3640 Series as the Driver name. The Driver type is: Type 3-user mode. Driver Version is With this setup the Epson printer will only print Microsoft Product such as Word, Excel, Power Point, and anything assigned to any Office Software. It wont print anything from the Web, such as Emails from Outlook, emails from my Reagan.com Account or anything else associated to the weds the browser. I tried printing The Epson WF 3640 Series instruction manual from your website and yet it still failed. I know its your Print Driver for Windows 10. My newly purchased Lap Top back in march had the same problem Printing from Windows 10. I solved the problem by using the Epson Software and Driver Installation Disk which came with the Printer when I made the Printer purchase. I also used it on my wife’s new Lap top which also had the problem using Windows 10 winprint solution to printing from The Epson WF 3640 Printer. I was able to install the driver Epson ESC/P-R V4 Class Driver, Type 4-User Mode, Version 10.0.17119.1 and the problem was solved and we were printing from our Lap Tops using Network WiFi which was set up on The WF 3640 Series Printer. Because Microsoft has decide to discontinue Windows 7 and will no longer support it, I decided to download the Windows 10 platform and operations. I tried to use the Epson software and driver installation disk to correct the problem I was having with Windows 10 on my desktop computer, however, it didn’t work this time because it took me over to the Epson Download website and forced me to download the driver which was already installed and causing the print problems to begin with. I can’t get the driver needed to solve the problem from Microsoft, so they sent me to you. Now you know my problem. Do you have a solution?

Dick Pritchard
4 years ago

My Epson xp 434 worked for a few pages when new, after that the print was too faded to read. Replaced the cartridge and still won’t print, either too faded or simply won’t print. Time to buy a canon.