How to Install HP Wireless Printer Software on Mac, Windows without CD?

How to Install HP Wireless Printer Software on Mac, Windows without CD?

HP printers are one of the most convenient and robust printers in the market that produce excellent quality printouts in the fastest time possible without any hassle. It is a top quality printer that can be used both at home as well as in offices. For extremely professional results, use this printer and enjoy a fuss-free experience working on this. In this category, it is a well-known printer that is used by many people. It is one of the best printers in its category in the recent times.

Installation of HP Printer:

Follow the steps recommended to install HP printer with CD.

First Step: Arrange Printer Configuration

Verify the needs and then delete the earlier versions those were installed from Windows to prepare for the USB connection configuration and installation of the driver.

  • Approve the below mentioned requirements prior you begin HP printer installation:
    • Printer is enabled and is ready to function.
    • Get a USB cable of minimum length of 3m.
    • A USB port is there on your system: In case you link via USB or docking station, that the printer fails to fetch sufficient amount of power function properly.
    • In case you link the USB cable to the system prior the HP driver is installed, you will have to go ahead with below steps to delete the printer from the devices that it is installed to assist and make sure that the configuration is successful. Else you can choose the alternate way to  the driver.
  • Carefully disconnect the USB cable of the printer from the system. Stop linking the USB cable till you are notified during the installation of the driver.
  • Find Windows going to the Devices and then click the Devices and Printers control panel for configuring the results.
  • Click the printer icon and then click Remove device. If there are numerous icons exit from the printer and delete all.

Second Step: Driver Installation and Connection Configuration

You have to download and install the printer installer in your system that will successfully complete connection with the USB. In case you need Support for printer driver installation you can contact

  • Visit the official HP Printer website and mention the printer model number. After that follow all the instructions that displayed on the screen for the printer driver download and installation. Your printer model number will determine the driver installation app – “HP Easy Start will be downloaded.
  • In the printer driver or HP Easy Start gets download positively you have to go according to the instructions displayed over the screen to open the download file to start the configuration. Once you receive a notification to select a link type -> Choose USB. Without executing the further steps the configuration will be successful.
  • And if the download of the printer installer fails or you are unable to find out the printer model listed follow the below mentioned steps to install the driver from the official HP website.
  • You need to visit HP Customer Support page – Software and Driver Downloads. There you need to mention your printer model name and number when you are notified and then approve that the version of the OS is right.
  • In case the product identification page opens the page will display Click Printer -> Enter the printer model number -> then Submit.
  • The result page of your software shows the selected default operating system.
  • In case you require changes in the operating system -> click Change -> Choose your version -> finally Change.
  • Click download under the Driver for complete software package, or click Basic Drivers for other options for printer driver.
  • Once you are notified by the installer select a printer connection option -> Choose USB to go ahead and finally complete the configuration of the printer driver.
  • Attempt printing scanning or fax according to the functionality of your printer.

For further details on Printer installation software and steps you can connect with It is a well known support agency that provides 24×7 assistance for all printer related issues. You can connect with the team via the toll free phone support number +1-866-496-0452 and garner instant support.

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