Canon Pixma MG8150 Error Ink Absorber is Almost Full


I am a printer engineer but not with Canon. I have cleaned the absorbtion heads and all is perfect. BUT… I need to clear the Error Message that states the ink absorber is almost full. I understand it can be cleared from the service menu. How do I get into the service menu…Please

Noel Answered question November 15, 2019
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watson (anonymous) 0 Comments

My Canon Pixma printer was not able to print properly earlier. Initially, I was not able to recognise the issue. Then the error of “Ink Absorber is almost full” started displaying on the screen quite often. Even after cleaning the heads the issue was not resolved which made clear that the issue is not external but exists internally. Got the solution to my Canon Pixma MG 1850 Ink Absorber is almost Full in brief.

venmartin Changed status to publish November 15, 2019
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