Epson Scanner Error 100016 on Epson 4750 Printer


I bought an Epson 4750 printer a few months ago and have had nothing but problems with it. Ever since day one it has been incredibly slow. It’s now gives me a scanner error 100016 and displays a message asking me to contact support. I also have an Epson ET 2550 and was comparing speeds. The 2550 spit out 49 pages in the time the 4750 spit out 7.

Margaret Answered question July 28, 2022

I got the same thing on my 4740. I turned it off, opened the main compartment, took out an ink cartridge just for the heck of it, closed it, and turned it back on. Powered on fine ?‍♂️

Thank you Margaret! It worked for me too! changed a cartridge and it powered up!

How can I fix Epson ET-4750 with system error 202201?

Have the same problem with WF 4740-under 2 years old Scanner ERROR 100016- It seems to happen right after I print- Print cartridges are not moving- Turned ON the OFF- a few times- did not work until I heard the cartridges moving- then I knew the Scanner Error 10016 would not be there- Until the next Time!- Took out a the black ink cartridge and replaced it- worked after 2 tries and shut OFF/ON- There obviuosly is an issue which I don’t know the answer to- Wish someone from Epson tech support would help in this regard

I have the exact same problem as Margaret-Try everything- mine is 2 1/2 years old- removed paper trays-removed black cartridge and reinserted, must turn ON then OFF about 10-20 times- when I hear ink cartridge moving then I know it is OK- ANY other suggestions- Going to call Epson tomorrow- Will probably have no luck unless they can walk me through driver re-install- ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Jefe Martin (anonymous) 1 Comment

Have been struggling with this same error on a 2&1/2 year old, lightly used WF-4740 for three days now. The printer would print even with the error code, but I could not do anything that required a menu, so no copying, scanning, changing ink cartridges, etc. A tech get on remotely and removed and reinstalled the drivers and the firmware this morning, all to no avail. Endless repetition of the same scanner error code! (Luckily my agreement with them was that if they couldn’t fix the problem, there was no charge for trying! Honest people!) So, I just ran the fix suggested here of powering down, removing both paper trays and powering back up with the trays out. Voila! Problem solved, at least for the moment. We’ll see if it sticks. As luck would have it, I had just restocked the ink supply a week ago at some expense, and the thought of chucking all that new ink with the printer would have made it even a bitterer pill to swallow. Well, all is working now, and I’m keeping fingers crossed that it holds!

venmartin Posted new comment July 13, 2020

(Another possible fix) Epson 4740 on small home wired network…I tried the manual uninstall reinstall driver with no success. Since it was a communication error I decided to look at the printer ports. I added TCP/IP ports and set them as default. This had been a somewhat intermittent issue so no sure this is a permanent fix but has been working for 3 days now. Longest its went since problem started. May want to give it a try.

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