Epson Scanner Error 100016 on Epson 4750 Printer


I bought an Epson 4750 printer a few months ago and have had nothing but problems with it. Ever since day one it has been incredibly slow. It’s now gives me a scanner error 100016 and displays a message asking me to contact support. I also have an Epson ET 2550 and was comparing speeds. The 2550 spit out 49 pages in the time the 4750 spit out 7.

Margaret Answered question July 28, 2022

I got the same thing on my 4740. I turned it off, opened the main compartment, took out an ink cartridge just for the heck of it, closed it, and turned it back on. Powered on fine ?‍♂️

Thank you Margaret! It worked for me too! changed a cartridge and it powered up!

How can I fix Epson ET-4750 with system error 202201?

Have the same problem with WF 4740-under 2 years old Scanner ERROR 100016- It seems to happen right after I print- Print cartridges are not moving- Turned ON the OFF- a few times- did not work until I heard the cartridges moving- then I knew the Scanner Error 10016 would not be there- Until the next Time!- Took out a the black ink cartridge and replaced it- worked after 2 tries and shut OFF/ON- There obviuosly is an issue which I don’t know the answer to- Wish someone from Epson tech support would help in this regard

I have the exact same problem as Margaret-Try everything- mine is 2 1/2 years old- removed paper trays-removed black cartridge and reinserted, must turn ON then OFF about 10-20 times- when I hear ink cartridge moving then I know it is OK- ANY other suggestions- Going to call Epson tomorrow- Will probably have no luck unless they can walk me through driver re-install- ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Gerard S (anonymous) 8 Comments

Why Does Epson Printer Say 100016 Scanner Error?

The epson scanner error 100016 is related to printer drivers. A corrupted Epson printer driver or a not correctly installed printer driver could be the root cause of your printer printing at a slow speed and eventually resulting in Scanner error 100016. Generally, this error can be resolved by reinstalling the Epson printer/scanner driver and there is no urgency to contact the technical support. However, most users face the same error after the reinstallation of the drivers but the scanner error 100016 will only be removed if it the drivers are completely uninstalled from the computer root and not with a simple uninstallation. The printer drivers need to be manually removed.

How to Fix Epson Scanner Error 100016

The steps I will be providing you is how to remove the drivers from the root of the computer and get rid of the Epson error 100016.

  1. To completely uninstall the Epson 4750 printer drivers you will need to sign in to the Administrative Account of the computer.
  2. On the computer main screen, press and hold the Windows Logo key and R key together (windows logo +R).
  3. A small Run Box will appear on the bottom left of the screen, type in printmanagement.msc in the search bar and hit Enter
  4. The print management window will show up. On the left side of the window, click on Printer Servers to expand the drop-down list and expand everything under the list.
  5. Search for Drivers and click on it. Now on the right side of the window, you will see a list of all the currently installed and previously printer drivers.
  6. Select your Epson printer 4750 printer driver, right-click on the printer and select Remove Driver Package.
  7. After the system has collected all the driver package information, the Delete button will be highlighted.
  8. Click on the Delete button and all the data information about your Epson printer 4750 will be completely removed from your system.
  9. After you have deleted the printer driver, restart the system and proceed to the Epson support page to download and install the latest drivers for your printer.

Always make sure that you perform a system restart after an installation/ uninstall of any drivers or software so that they are installed correctly and causes no problem in the future.

For immediate assistance, call Experts at USA/Canada +1-866-496-0452 & UK +44 2896 002856

Gerard S Posted new comment April 10, 2021

Printer driver has nothing to do with this. I have a WF-4740 displaying the same error on the printer screen. My printer is always connected wireless. It happens during printer POST, when it checks and calibrates the scan device. It moves to one end, then back to its calibrated position, then the printer throws the error. Thus the printer never finishes booting up. No other menu is available, and removing drivers off of my laptop is pointless since the error is n the printer, not the computer.

I spoke to Epson Support and it’s a hardware issue not a software/driver issue.

Ok but how do you fix it? i have the same problem and i need to fix this by tonight.

I am having the same problem and tried using the programanagement and that information is wrong because it is not found on my Windows 10 PC. I just tried calling the 844 number and the line goes dead. So if this is a hardware issue what is the part that needs servicing?

I had the scanner error 100016 on my Epson WF-4740. I powered it off and on multiple times, restarted my computer, etc. nothing worked. Further down this feed someone posted that they turned it off, removed both printer cassettes, and powered it back on and it worked. I just did that and it works fine now. Didn’t have to remove/reinstall drivers or anything else.

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