epson WF 545, cartridges in but will not print. i get blank page


I have an Epson Workforce 545. I have ink in all cartridges but yet it still will not print. I just get a blank page

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there can be several factors causing the issue,you will not be able to print or copy when an ink cartridge is used up even if the other cartridges are not used up. If the copy or print is blank , print a nozzle check pattern to see if there is a nozzle clogged, or do a print head cleaning if necessary. You can also check and select Skip Blank Page on the printer settings. Right click on Windows icon (windows 10) > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > right click on your Epson Printer and select Printer Preferences. Click on the Maintenance tab > Extended Settings > select Skip Blank Page > Click OK

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