Unable to install HP CP1025nw after installing a new router


I have an HP printer CP1025nw, that after my ISP installed a new router, no longer lets me install. It didn’t work – I uninstalled and resinstalled the sw and get a msg “Installation Failed” I tried installing approx. 12 times yesterday, from online as well as the original CD. I understand you may be able to help.

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Make sure printer and router are at least 6 feet apart.
Reset your printer back to Network Defaults.  Then run the Wireless Setup Wizard to connect.  Both of which can be accessed from the printer front panel or computer.  If there is no front panel on the printer for configuration, you can use your Printer USB cable to connect.  You can also try the WPS method if your router/printer supports it, try this method only if the Wizard or Printer USB cable is not available.
Set the router to a fixed wireless channel like 1, 6 or 11, never ‘auto’.  Try channel 1 first then the other channels, one at a time.
The router must use a 2.4Ghz SSID band enabled to communicate with the printer and set a  different name than your 5.0Ghz SSID band in your router.

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