Explaining How to Delete an Item Receipt in QuickBooks with Steps

Explaining How to Delete an Item Receipt in QuickBooks with Steps

Item receipts in QuickBooks are similar to invoices. They list the items that have been shipped to an organization or business. These receipts can be important for knowing which item has been shipped and at what cost. Irrespective of their importance, a need to delete these receipts may arise. The receipts may be old, duplicate, or no longer needed. In this reading, you can find how to delete an item receipt in QuickBooks along with the steps to do so. We will be administering the method using the Vendor Center of this Intuit software. Additionally, we will be explaining what an item receipt means and what are some of the reasons to clear them.

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When an inventory is shipped to a company, no invoice may be provided. In place of the invoice, the company may find a bill that lists the shipped items. The bill may also mention the cost of these items. This can be understood as a QuickBooks item receipt.

Why should You Delete Item Receipts in QuickBooks

We have come across 3 reasons why the users of QuickBooks may delete an item receipt in QuickBooks.

  • The item receipt may be old.
  • A duplicate item receipt may be existing. Therefore, the former one may have to be removed.
  • There may be errors in the item receipt.

How to Delete an Item Receipt in QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks, to delete item receipts, you need to access the Vendor Center. Usually, in the versions of the Intuit software, this center can be found in the menu bar. If you cannot directly locate it, then find the Vendor option. Use this option to open the Vendor Center. Then move to Transactions to find Item Receipts. You will have to choose either the Last Fiscal Year or the Last Year as the Date. Gradually, the Delete tab needs to be pressed for removing the item receipts. 

Please Note: While you choose to delete an item receipt in QuickBooks, it will be helpful to communicate with your accountant. This action will be affecting the “Financial Report” or “Balance Sheet” of the year to which the receipt belongs. Therefore, discussing the same with the accountant will be of use to set the records right.

  • In the menu bar of QuickBooks, look for “Vendor”.
  • Now, select “Vendor Center”.
  • Enter the tab that says “Transactions”.
  • Choose “Item Receipts” from the tab.
  • Click on “Date”.
  • Select one of the following options:
    • “Last Year”
    • “Last Fiscal Year”.
  • Press “Delete”.

Please Note: In some instances, the users were required to provide a password after pressing “Delete”. This was mainly due to the setting up of a password by the users. You may also see a prompt asking you to provide it. See to it that the password provided is of the year in which it was made. 

  • Tap on “Ok”.

Please Note: Along with deleting the item receipts that are not needed, you can also clear such invoices. To know how you can delete an invoice in QuickBooks that is not needed, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of you may be interested to know more about deleting or clearing items receipts in QuickBooks. For you, we have provided a few questions along with their answers. Scroll below to read them.

1. Can I delete an item receipt in QuickBooks?

Deleting item receipts in QuickBooks is possible. For this, a user can navigate to the Vendor Center section in the software. Via Transactions, you can find the receipts and input a date. After this, you can press “Delete” to clear them.

2. Should you delete old item receipts in QuickBooks?

The users of QuickBooks delete old item receipts when they are no longer required. Considering this reason, you can also clear them. However, be completely sure that their deletion will not affect your Balance Sheets, Financial Reports, and other such documents in QB.

In Summation,

An item receipt in the QB programs tells you about the cost of certain products. When duplication arises, deleting the receipt may be required. As we told you here, the Vendor Center of the software gives you the simplest way to remove the item receipts. We believe that the steps mentioned here will be of assistance when you start clearing the receipts. 

To share your views on this reading, please drop us a comment. 

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