How to Delete a Company in QuickBooks, QB Desktop, QB Online, and Year Versions?

A company in QuickBooks is an important file. It can carry the essential financial information of your company. For some reason, you may be willing to remove the QB company file. The option of Chart of Accounts can be used for removing your file. However, based on the version of the Intuit accounting software and its year, you may have to follow a specific method for erasing your company files. 

Here, you can know how to delete a company in QuickBooks. We have attempted to include the methods for various versions of the software. For deleting a company, the users of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and QB Point of Sale (POS) can find help here. The methods to delete the company files in year versions of QB such as 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, have also been given here. In addition, our methods will be suitable for Windows and Mac users too.

As you would know, we will be going through a number of methods. To give you brief information on these methods, you can read here:

What is the Method to Delete a Company File in QuickBooks?

In several instances, the need for deleting the QuickBooks company file can occur. The option of COA or Chart of Accounts should be preferred for this purpose. This option can be seen when you log in to your QuickBooks account. From COA, you can go to File. Then you will find Close Company. You can choose it and select a file for removing it. 

All the steps of this method can be read here:

  • Check that you are logged in to your “QB” account.
  • Enter “Chart of Accounts”.
  • Tap on “File”.
  • Select “Close Company”.
  • From the dropdown, choose “Edit”.
  • Pick the file that is not needed.
  • Place a checkmark for the chosen file.
  • Finally, press “Ok”.

In QuickBooks, to delete company files other than the chosen one, you can perform this method again.

How Do I Delete a Company File in QuickBooks on Windows?

This method will be the most suitable for the users of Windows computers. To delete your QuickBooks company file, you can open this software and enter the File menu. Via the Open or Restore Company option, you can pick the Open a Company File option and hit Next. You can select your data file and press F2 to know its location. You can exit this accounting software and go to the correct location of the company file. Lastly, you can remove the file from your Windows computer.

  • The initial step is to run “QuickBooks” on your Windows computer.
  • Select “File”.
  • From the menu, click on “Open or Restore Company”.
  • Then click on “Open a Company File”.
  • Press the “Next” button.
  • The “Company File” which you would like to delete has to be chosen now. Again press “Open” for this purpose.
  • On your Windows computer’s keyboard, tap “F2”.
  • A new window will be visible on your Windows computer. As you will scroll down, you will find “File Information”. Go through this section to know the location of your “Company File”.

Please Note: You need to remember the location of the “Company File”. For this, you can write the location on the notepad or anywhere else as per your convenience. The location of your “Company File” may be mentioned as “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files\(the Name of Your File).qbw.)”.

  • You can exit “QuickBooks” on your Windows computer.
  • Then tap on the “File” option.
  • Click on “Exit”.
  • Open the location of the QuickBooks “Company File”. This is the location that was noted by you in step 7.
  • Right-tap on this file. Ensure that this is the file that you have to delete. Then pick the “Delete” option.

Please Note: Prior to deleting your QuickBooks “Company File”, see to it that it has the green icon of “QuickBooks”. Also, remove all the files with the same name as that of this QuickBooks “Company File” with “.qbw” at the end.

  • Open the QB software once again.
  • Open the “Edit List” by pressing the button for the same.
  • Click on the “Hide” box present on the “Company File” which you have deleted.

This is how the users of QuickBooks can delete company files on Windows. At the end of this method, your QuickBooks company file will get successfully removed from your Windows computer. Along with that, it will be hidden. You will not be able to find the file in the window of “No Company Open”.

How to Delete a Company File in QuickBooks Desktop?

To initiate this method, you can run the Intuit QB software. From the File menu, you can open your company file by selecting Open. Then you can select your file and pick the Open option once again. You can tap the F2 key to access the File Information. This will provide you with the location of your company file. You can exit the software and then visit the file’s location. From there, you can delete your company file.

Equip yourself with more information about how to delete a company file in QuickBooks Desktop by reading the following steps:

  • The first step is to run “QuickBooks” on your PC.
  • Now, access your “Company File” which you do not require any longer.

Please Note: As an alternative to the steps mentioned above, you can open the “QuickBooks” software. Then you can click on “File” to continue. From this menu, you can select “Restore Company” or “Open”.

  • Tap on “Open” to open the file.
  • Next, click on “Next”.
  • The fifth step is to select the “Company File” that has to be deleted.
  • Click on “Open” once again.
  • Now, hit the “F2” key on your keyboard.
  • A new window will open. In this window, look for the “File Information” option. You can either remember the location of the file or you can note it down somewhere.

Please Note: The location of the file will refer to the place on your system where you have saved the “Company File”. Its location may be mentioned as “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files\(Name of the File).qbw.” Here, in place of “Name of the File”, the actual name of your company file will be mentioned.

  • Now, you can leave “QuickBooks”. For this, you can press “File”. Then you can tap on the “Exit” option.
  • After that, visit the location of the “Company File”. This should be the location that was remembered or noted by you in step 8.
  • Right-tap on your data file which you want to remove from your system.
  • Now, tap on the “Delete” button.
  • You can open the “QuickBooks” software now.
  • Press the button of “Edit List”.
  • Locate the box for “Hide” and select it. You will find it on your data file which has to be removed.

Please Note: The last step of the method mentioned here is extremely important. This step will delete your “Company File” which you do not require. In addition to that, the “Company File” will be hidden. In the window of “No Company Open”, you will not be able to see this “Company File”.

How Do I Delete a Company File in QuickBooks Online?

You can delete a company in QuickBooks Online by making a new account. Likewise, you can cancel the subscription to your account for deleting your company files. For QBO company files that are set up within 60 days, the option of Your Company can be used. If your files are older than 60 days, you can press the gear symbol to start deleting them.

More information regarding these methods can be learnt from the following sections.

Method 1: Deleting QBO Company File within 60 Days of Setup

In QuickBooks Online, to delete company files that are less than a period of 60 days, you can launch the software. Ensure that you are logged in to your file. Then add “/purgecompany” in the URL. You will see certain items on the screen. These are the items that are going to be deleted. Select your industry and provide your confirmation. Later, you can press the Wipe Data tab to delete your company files in QBO.

  • Start with opening “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Signing in to your “Company File” is the next step.
  • Make changes to the “URL” and add “/purgecompany” in it.

Please Note: While executing the third step, this example will help you in making changes to the “URL”. You may be on the “Home Page” of QBO. Its “URL” should mention “”. You have to change it to “”.

  • You will see the items that are being removed. Enter “Yes” for confirming.
  • Select Okay”.
  • Choose the industry that has to be deleted.
  • Ensure whether you want the system to make an account on the basis of the chosen industry. Alternatively, you can select an empty “COA” or “Chart of Accounts”.
  • Tap on “Wipe Data”.

The data will get wiped and the Home Page will be visible. Also, your QuickBooks Online company file that is less than a period of 60 days will get deleted.

Method 2: Removing QBO Files 60 Days After Setup

Certain users of QBO may have created a Company File more than 60 days ago. For deleting a company file, considering this time period, you can go to QuickBooks Online. Sign in to your file and press the gear icon located at the top. Use the option stating Your Company for visiting Account and Settings. After opting for Billing & Subscription, simply press Cancel.

Let us now collect more details about how to delete a QuickBooks Online company file. You can find the details here:

  • When “QBO” is open, sign in to the “Company File”.
  • Press the gear-like symbol located in the top-right corner.
  • Go to “Your Company”.
  • Click on “Account and Settings”.
  • Select the option of “Billing & Subscription”.
  • In “Subscribed”, press “Cancel”.

Please Note: Your QuickBooks Online Company File will get deleted. Thus, you won’t be able to work in it. The information will still be visible as long as it is not removed by Intuit in some months.

Method 3: Cancel Your Account to Remove QuickBooks Online Company Files After 60 Days

Another way to learn how to delete a company in QuickBooks Online when 60 days have passed is by canceling your account. When you are signed in to QBO Company, click on the icon of gear and opt for Update Credit Card. From the section of Subscription Status, you can find the Cancel Subscription Link. Tap on this link for getting the directions to cancel your account.

  • You need to sign in to “QBO Company”.
  • Use the gear symbol for finding your account.
  • Select “Update Credit Card”.
  • Navigate to the section of “Subscription Status”.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription Link”.
  • Using the directions on the display, finish the remaining procedure.

Your account will get canceled once the directions have been correctly executed by you. Also, your QBO Company File will be removed.

Method 4: Use New Account for Deleting QBO Company Files

For doing away with the company files of your older QuickBooks Online account, you can prefer starting a new account. To do so, you can visit the sign-up link of Intuit QuickBooks. Using your initial User ID and its Password. After logging in, a new account can be set up.

Let us now look at this procedure to delete a company from QuickBooks Online step-by-step.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Using it, visit “”.
  • Hit the “Enter” key.
  • Provide your old “QuickBooks User ID”.
  • Then fill in your “Password”.
  • Now, start setting up a new QuickBooks account.

How to Delete a Company File in QuickBooks 2013, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018?

In the year versions of QuickBooks, the company files can be deleted via the Chart of Accounts. From COA, visit the menu for File. The option of Close Company has to be selected. Then make use of the dropdown option to opt for Edit. Here, you will have to specify the Company File that you wish to delete. 

To get more knowledge about how to delete a company in QuickBooks 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, you can read further:

  • The initial step is to sign in to your account in QuickBooks.
  • Click on “COA” or “Chart of Accounts”.
  • The “File” menu has to be selected.
  • Click on “Close Company”.
  • Press the dropdown option. Then opt for “Edit”.
  • You may see some files here. Select the one which isn’t required.
  • Ensure that the selected “Company File” has been check-marked.
  • In the end, push “Ok”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some other ways too for doing away with the QuickBooks company files. In the following FAQs, we have described these ways in the form of answers.

1. How to delete a company in QuickBooks for Mac?

In QB on Mac, open your “Company File” for deleting it. Select “Help” and click on “Product Information”. You’ll see a new screen. Here, click on “File Location” and note the file’s path. The path should seem similar to “Documents” > “Intuit” > “QuickBooks” > “Company Files” > “(File’s Name)”. Press “X”. In the location, click on your file. Take it to the bin by dragging it. Remove the files, having a disc image, for your company file. For permanently removing the file, you may empty the bin on your Mac.

2. What is a company in QuickBooks?

A company is a file in QuickBooks. This file gives the financial information of a company. The file being important, it should be handled with care. Even when you are deleting it, you should ensure that the correct file is being removed.

3. Can you delete a company in QuickBooks within 30 days?

It is possible to delete a company file in QuickBooks that is less than 30 days. Sign in to your file and in the current “URL”, add “/purgecompany”. Press “Enter” and view the items that are being erased. Write “Yes” and tap on “Ok” to delete the Company File.

4. How do I remove a QuickBooks Company File older than 30 days?

For erasing a QuickBooks Company File that is more than 30 days, use the software’s purge feature. Then remove the data from your file. In some cases, for turning on the purge feature, contacting Intuit QuickBooks may be required.

5. How to delete company files in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Visit the folder of “QuickBooks POS”. Certain sub-folders will be visible here. Delete the folder titled “QuickBooks Point of sale”. All the files in it and backup will be removed. For a backup existing outside your system, find all the files with “.qbp” in their names and delete them. You can empty the “Recycle Bin” if you wish to. 

Closing Remarks

In QuickBooks, a company file can be deleted using various methods. Utilizing the Chart of Accounts is the most common method for removing the file. The users of Windows can quickly remove the company files from the File menu of QuickBooks. In QuickBooks Desktop, the location of the file can be visited. Then removing it will be easier. Interestingly, QBO allows its users to erase the company files that are less, as well as older, than 60 days. After reading this post, we believe that you have been able to get the required details for removing the files on these versions of the software.
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