Learning to Fix QuickBooks 6129, 0 Error Using Reliable Fixes

Learning to Fix QuickBooks 6129, 0 Error Using Reliable Fixes

The QuickBooks 6129, 0 error code turns up on your system when a failure is encountered while verifying the database connection. This error can also be seen when the QB software is attempting to open the company files. In a situation wherein you encounter this error, you will not be able to access your company file. 

Do you know how to fix the QuickBooks error code 6129, 0? We do! And we will try our best to assist you in resolving this error code on your system. Let us now start reading the complete blog.

The different parts of this blog will guide you about the following:

Why am I Seeing the QuickBooks 6129, 0 Error?

Multiple causes can prompt the QuickBooks error 6129, 0 while you use the software. Some of these causes have been identified in this section. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. A mismatch between the server domain and client may be leading to this error code.

2. The “.ND” (Network Data) file may have become damaged.

3. Every computer which is being run in the multi-user configuration mode may not be having the most recent version of QuickBooks.

4. Your company file may have been upgraded to the QuickBooks Desktop’s recent version. However, it may be using a profile that doesn’t belong to a Windows administrator.

5. Data files having a corrupted network may be responsible for this problem. To save your data take backup and restore files safely.

How can I Fix the QuickBooks error 6129, 0?

The error code 6129, 0 on QB can be settled by executing one of the 6 fixes mentioned below. These fixes have been tested by our experts to be sure of their results. As you start executing the steps of these fixes, the error code should stop turning up on your system.

Fix 1: Try Renaming QuickBooks “.ND” Files

The “.ND” files can sometimes cause unlikely problems and the QuickBooks error 0 is one among them. Many users have opted for renaming these files to get relief from this error code. If you would like to rename the “.ND” files, then you can open the folder which is carrying the company file. You can find the files with the “.ND” extension. You can right-click on each of the files for renaming them with the extension “.OLD” included in the new name.

You will also require additional steps for completing this fix. Please read here to know.

1. Go to the folder in which you have saved the company file.

2. On the hard drive or on your system, check for the QuickBooks files which have “.nd” as the extension.

3. Rename your file. Use the name of any old company file. To rename it, right-click on the company file and then pick “Rename”.

4. For the file extension, input “.OLD”.

5. Then hit the “Enter” key.

Note: If the same QB company file needs to be accessed on several computers, then the steps mentioned above should be followed. Also, remember that if you are using the company file on only a single computer, then the file can be directly launched by you. 

6. Tap the “Windows” key to open the “Start Menu”.

7. Head to “Programs”.

8. Click on “QuickBooks”.

9. Head to the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”.

10. Go to the tab of “Scan Folders”.

11. If you cannot find any folder which is carrying the company file you need, then select “New Folder”.

12. Enter the tab named “Scan”.

13. Select “Close Option” after the scanning process is over. 

14. Now, you can open your company file. This fix should help you in overcoming the 6129, 0 QuickBooks error.

Should you see it while opening the company file, check whether all the 14 steps mentioned here were correctly performed by you.

Fix 2: Sign in As the Windows Administrator

When you are not signed in as the Windows administrator, you may encounter the 6129, 0 QB error code while opening a company file. You can simply sign in as the administrator of Windows to stop coming across this error.

1. Open any company file.

2. Sign in to your Windows system as the “System Administrator”. Then you can update your company file.

Note: If you are unable to sign in as the administrator, then you can connect with a professional to get help.

Fix 3: Make a Copy of the File in a New Location

The QuickBooks 6129 error may be persisting if there is an issue with the location in which you have placed your company file. You can shift the location of these files to a new folder. For executing this, you can prepare a new folder on your system and copy all your required QB company files into that folder. Ensure that the location of this folder is different from the location of the former folder carrying these files. 

You can also prefer reading the 11 steps given below in case you are using the files on more than one computer.

1. Begin with making a new folder on your system.

2. Choose the company files of QB and shift them into the new folder.

Note: In case the QB software is being used on multiple computers, the steps mentioned above may take some time to be completed. However, if the software is being on one computer, then the steps will get quickly finished.

3. For those of you who are opening the same company files on several computers, go to the “Start Menu”.

4. Click on “Programs”.

5. Select “QuickBooks”.

6. Now, open the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”.

7. Enter the tab titled “Scan Folders”.

8. If there isn’t any folder with the file you need, choose the “Add a New Folder” option.

9. Access the “Scan” tab.

10. Press “Close” after the scanning process is over.

11. Lastly, open your QuickBooks company file.

Fix 4: Turn off Antivirus While Using Windows in Safe Mode

In this fix for the QuickBooks error code 6129, 0, you will be advised to turn off or disable the antivirus in case you are using your Windows computer in the Safe Mode. Along with the antivirus, you can also turn off any other software. After doing so, you can make a new company file and then start over your computer. This time, you should use the Normal Mode for starting it. 

After your computer gets successfully restarted, you can go to the QuickBooks software and access your company file. 

1. Use the “Safe Mode” to restart your computer.

2. Turn off the antivirus software in case it is active.

3. Opt for making a new QB company file.

4. Restart your computer using the “Normal Mode”.

5. Now, launch the QB software.

6. Then open the company file.

Fix 5: Install the Recent Version of QuickBooks Desktop on Your System

In this part, you can have a look at the steps for resolving the QuickBooks error 6129, 0 by updating the QuickBooks Desktop. After getting the most recent updates for it, this unlikely problem should stop bothering you on your system. 

For updating the most recent version of the QuickBooks Desktop, you can open the software and access Help. In this menu, you will find an option to update the software. Click on it and then pick Update Now. Then select the Get Updates option. The download and installation process will take some time. After that, you can use the latest and error-free version of the QuickBooks Desktop.

1. On your PC, launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.

2. Click on “Help”.

3. Scroll below to find “Update QuickBooks Desktop”. Then select it.

update - quickbooks 6129

4. Enter the tab of “Update Now”.

5. Click on “Get Updates”.

6. The download process will begin. When the process gets over, restart the software.

7. You will receive the on-screen instructions for installing the update. Follow these instructions.

Fix 6: Check the Computers are Connected on a Single Domain

At times, you may be opening the same QuickBooks files on a number of computers. However, these computers may not have been connected to each other on a single domain. This is when the error 6129, 0 can turn up. You can prefer to get in touch with a network administrator to check whether this is the issue. You can also connect with an experienced IT professional. You will receive the required assistance for connecting each of the computers to one domain. Thus, the QuickBooks error 6129 will be prevented.

In Summary

QuickBooks is a reliable software and makes accounting operations very convenient. Error code 6129, 0 on QuickBooks can occur while you use the software. This error code is a result of causes like an out of date version of the QB software, damaged network data files, corrupted network of the data files, etc. By identifying the causes and working on them, you can easily resolve the 6129 error code on your system. 

Just like the 6129, 0 error code, the QuickBooks error code 9999 can also surface while using the software. Learn how to deal with this error with our expert fixes. QuickBooks multi-user mode not working is another problem which you may be worried about. Click here to know how this problem can be removed from your system.

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