How to Fix QBregistration.dat Error in QuickBooks?

How to Fix QBregistration.dat Error in QuickBooks?

QBregistration.dat can be understood as an installation file. It is responsible for carrying the information of your license when the software has been activated. Sometimes the file may become damaged or may have incomplete information. As a result of this, you may find an error message in the file. Informing “QuickBooks has Encountered an Error Reading the QBregistration.dat File”, you may be unable to get information from it. Speaking further, when you face any issues with the license and need to recover, you may find no success due to the file’s unavailability. Therefore, troubleshooting the QBregistration.dat error in QuickBooks can become vital.

Troubleshooting QBregistration.dat Error in QuickBooks

Damages in the QBregistration.dat file can be observed when Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) has been corrupted. For running certain programs or applications, these services can be essential. With their corruption, the installation file may be unable to run. Another cause of the problem can be User Account Control being incapable of removing malware from your system. Thus, the QBregistration.dat file may show errors while you try to access it. Working on these causes, you can remove the corruptions and elements contributing to the QBregistration.dat error in QuickBooks to troubleshoot it.

Fix 1: Removing Corruption from MSXML File

Microsoft XML Core Services may see a corrupt memory. Due to this, its effect may be seen on files including QBregistration.dat. For removing corruption from the MSXML file, you can properly download and register it. Along with this, the installation file for the license can be created once again.

  • The “MSXML.MSI” file is to be downloaded. Then save it on your system.
  • The “Windows” and “R” keys are to be pressed together. The window of “Run” will pop up.
  • Here, fill “exe/fvaum %userprofile%\Desktop\msxml.msi”.
  • In this step, press “Ok”.
  • The “dat” file is to be created or re-created.
  • Then the “MSXML DLL” file is to be registered.
  • Now, tap on the “Windows” button.
  • Enter “CMD” in the space given for search.
  • Right-tap on the “Command” instruction.
  • Opt for “Run as Administrator”.
  • Type “CD\Windows\syswow64” and tap on “Enter”.
  • Then mention “regsvr32MSXML3.dll” in the space available.
  • Hit the “Enter” button.
  • A message will appear stating “DllRegisterServer in msxml3.dll is succeeded”. Select the “Ok” option.
  • Start typing “regsvr32 MSXML.4dll” in the new space.
  • Push the “Enter” button.

Tip: In case, “MSXML.4dll” is not getting registered, UAC or User Account Control can be turned off. After you are done, switch it on.

  • Now, type “regsvr32 MSXML6.dll” followed by pressing “Enter”.
  • Once the notification stating “DllRegisterServer in msxml4.dll succeeded” appears, press “Ok”.
  • Restart the “QB” software. Along with this, you can open the license file. Check for the presence of the QBregistration.dat error in QuickBooks.

Note: The fix can work on Windows 7, 8, 10 as well as on the Vista-64 bit version. 

Fix 2: Turning on/off User Account Control

On Windows, User Account Control or UAC are settings that help in the correct functioning of your device. They do so by keeping at bay programs that can cause harm to the system or its files. On systems on which these settings are disabled, the message “QuickBooks has Encountered an Error Reading the QBregistration.dat File” can occur. Therefore, you can run the Control Panel to turn on UAC and ultimately remove the error.

  • Tap on the “Windows” and “E” keys at the same time. This will open the “My Computer” screen.
  • Hit the “Open Control Panel” option.
  • After that, move to the pull-down and press “View”.
  • The “User Accounts” option is to be selected.
  • Click on the “Change User Account Settings” tab.
  • You need to turn off “UAC” by setting it to “Never Notify”.
  • Choose the “Ok” button in this step.
  • Then the “UAC” is required to be turned on by clicking on “Always Notify”.
  • Select the “Ok” option.
  • Now, the computer should be restarted.
  • Later, please run the accounting software and its file to check the effect of this fix.

Note: On versions such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, this fix can be applied when the error shows up.

Resolving QBregistration.dat Issue in QuickBooks Desktop

Due to unknown problems, users might face the qbregistration.dat error in QuickBooks Desktop. When the causes cannot be identified with accuracy, the software’s installation from scratch should be preferred. For this, you can clean install QBDT. It refers to the installation of the software with the existing details completely erased. The process can be initiated from the Control Panel on your Windows system. 

Important: This measure can erase your information. Therefore, you should make a backup of the company file before you proceed with the fix.

  • Head to the “Start” button on “Windows”.
  • Then move to the “Control Panel”.
  • Click on it and opt for the “Programs and Features” option.
  • From here, go to “Uninstall a Program”.
  • Pick the version of “QBDT” that you want to uninstall.
  • Press “Uninstall/Change”.
  • Keep going through the prompts that appear on the screen.
  • If the options do not come up, then you need to sign out, fill up the required credentials, and sign in again.
  • From the internet, you will have to download the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” application. Once it gets downloaded, install it.
  • The “Clean Installation Tool” is to be run for renaming the folder of the older installation.
  • Find and click on “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • The installation issues are to be chosen.
  • Press the “Clean Install Tool” button.
  • Next, hit “Ok”.
  • You need to pick the appropriate version of the accounting software and the product.
  • Tap on the “Continue” tab.
  • In case you see a message stating “Please Install Your Copy of QuickBooks to the Default Location”, push “Ok”.
  • After the procedure is finished, the “QBDT” software is to be re-installed.

In Essence

Due to corruption and damages in the installation file, you may find the QBregistration.dat error in QuickBooks. This error may also arise because of various other issues that may be hard to identify. Even then, several reliable fixes can be tried to get rid of the error. With the ones discussed here, the problem should hopefully get cleared.

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