QuickBooks C=272 Error: What it Means and How can You Fix it?

QuickBooks C=272 Error: What it Means and How can You Fix it?

Few users can face the C=272 error at the time of using QuickBooks. The Rebuild Data Utility, as well as the Verify Data Utility, can be the chief cause of this error code. When the error is faced, the users can find difficulties in opening their QuickBooks company files. Opening these files can be necessary for doing several tasks. To open them without the presence of the QuickBooks C=272 error, you should disable the settings for the Windows Compatibility Mode. Especially when the QBW32.exe file is to be used, these settings should be turned off. 

On reading this blog further, you will explore the causes of the C=272 error code. Along with this, you can read about the reliable fixes to prevent this problem.

The main topics of this blog can be looked at through this summary:

What is the QuickBooks Error C=272?

C=272 is an error in QuickBooks that is seen while running the Rebuild Data or Verify Data Utility. You are likely to view a message that says “An Error has Occurred in QuickBooks C=272” with the coming of this problem. Its presence can mean that opening your QuickBooks company files or sample files may not be possible. Therefore, troubleshooting the error code becomes vital.

Causes of the QuickBooks C=272 Error

We have come across 4 main causes that are responsible for the QuickBooks error code C=272. These causes can be looked at below: 

  • Sometimes, you may see this issue while printing the 1099 form and W2 form.
  • You may have converted a memorized report using an older QuickBooks software version. The conversion process may have encountered problems. These problems may be causing the C=272 error code.
  • The data of the accounting software may be damaged.
  • The Rebuild/Verify Data Utility may have come across a bit set target. This target may be beyond the usual range.

How to Fix C=272 QuickBooks Error?

To fix the QuickBooks C=272 error on your system, you should check whether your sample files of the software are faulty. The sample file should be opened to check for this error. On not finding it in the sample QB files, the company files of the software need to be repaired. Disabling the Compatibility Mode of Windows is another way to troubleshoot the problem. This should be done through the Desktop Settings of QuickBooks to remove the C=272 error. 

There are additional fixes in the following sections to stop and prevent the QB error C=272. You can scroll to go through these sections.

Fix 1: Access the Sample Company File of QuickBooks

The sample company files of QuickBooks may not be the exact cause of the C=272 error code, however, they can contribute to yielding it. In our opinion, you should ensure whether the sample files are contributing to it. 

On the off chance that the assumption is incorrect, the QuickBooks company file may not be free from errors. Then the company file will have to be restored with the help of its backup. The restored company file will not be containing the C=272 QuickBooks error. Thus, on your system, you will be able to access the files of the accounting software with no difficulties.

To confirm that your sample company file or company file is affected by the error C=272, the followed method can be considered:

  • Run the “QuickBooks” software.
  • When the software is running, press “Ctrl”. Keep this key pressed for a while.
  • A window for “No Company Open” will emerge. Now, you can stop pressing “Ctrl”.
  • Notice whether the C=272 QuickBooks error is coming up before the window for “No Company Open” gets launched. If it does, then click on “Open a Sample File”. 

Note: The option of “Open a Sample File” will be available in the window opened in step 3.

  • Select a file from the list.
  • Check whether the file selected in step 5 is also carrying the C=272 error code. Knowing that the file is not faulty, you can believe that your actual company file may have been affected by the error code.

Note: It may happen that the chosen sample file may turn out to be affected by the C=272 error. In that instance, the “Compatibility Mode” of Windows will have to be immobilized. 

  • Now, click on “Verifying and Rebuilding QuickBooks Company Data”. As an alternative, you can do the restoration of your company file.

Note: In step 7, you may have chosen to restore your company file of QuickBooks. It should be known that the restoration will have to be done from its backup file. 

Fix 2: Immobilize Compatibility Mode of Windows via QB Desktop Setting

Immobilizing or disabling the Compatibility Mode of Windows has been helpful in some instances for removing errors like the code C=272. To disable this mode, you can go to Desktop. On right-clicking on the icon of QB, you will find Properties. As you enter Properties, a tab will be seen that mentions Compatibility. 

You are required to select the option to Run this Program in Compatibility Mode. Now, press Ok and then select the Cancel option. You will find that the mode has been immobilized via the settings of QuickBooks. With the mode being disabled, the QuickBooks error C=272 may not persist on your computer.

  • Open “Desktop” on your Windows PC.
  • You may find an icon representing “QuickBooks”. Right-click on it for accessing “Properties”.
  • Find “Compatibility” in the tab.
  • Select the checkbox next to the option of “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode”.
  • To continue, clicking on “Ok” is required. 
  • Select “Cancel”.

Fix 3: Turn off the Setting for Windows Compatibility Mode for QBW32.exe File

On some computers, the error C=272 may be seen in the QB accounting software when the Compatibility Mode has not been turned off. This mode can be kept disabled for the QBW32.exe file. It can be turned off through the properties of QuickBooks. On your Desktop, you will have to right-click on the software’s icon to view Properties. You can now access QB’s Installation Folder. You may see the icon of Shortcut here. Use the icon to visit the Find target option. After this, the QBW32.exe file’s Properties will be of use for disabling the Compatibility Mode.

Below, these steps have been better elaborated:

  • On your Windows “Desktop”, locate the “QB” software’s icon.
  • Right-tap on this icon. You will see the “Properties” option. Click on the same.
  • Go to the “Installation Folder” of the accounting software.
  • Press the icon of “Shortcut”.
  • Click on “Find Target”.
  • Here, you can find the “QBW32.exe” file.
  • Open the properties of the “QBW32.exe” file.
  • Choose “Compatibility”.
  • Select the option saying “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode”.
  • Tap on “Ok”.

Note: You will be suggested to press “Cancel” only when “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode” has not been chosen.

  • In this step, “Windows Explorer” needs to be closed.
  • Also, exit “Properties” of Windows “Desktop”.
  • Now, open the software and check your company files. You may be unable to notice the QuickBooks C=272 error.

Fix 4: Connect with QuickBooks Support

In a rare instance, you may be unable to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error code C=272. The cause of the error in this instance may not be easy to identify. Professional assistance will be required for removing this problem. Therefore, you will be advised to connect with QuickBooks Support. Certain pieces of information relating to the purchase of the software may be needed by QuickBooks Support. It will be thoughtful to keep such information readily available.

To Conclude

The effects of the QuickBooks C=272 error are such that you may be unable to open the sample files of the software. In addition, the QuickBooks company files may also become problematic. To troubleshoot the error, the users are always suggested to make certain that both the sample files and company files have no problems. Files with issues should either be repaired or restored via their backup. It will also be of help to deactivate the Compatibility Mode of Windows from the Desktop settings of the accounting software. When this measure has been taken, there will be low chances of seeing the error code C=272.

While the error C=272 can affect the company files of QuickBooks, the error 6069 can cause the software to suddenly shut down. To prevent it from impacting the software on your system, we will suggest that you read about the QuickBooks error 6069.

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