QuickBooks Error 1328: Learn to Eliminate with Time-saving Fixes

QuickBooks Error 1328: Learn to Eliminate with Time-saving Fixes

QuickBooks is a software for accounting which is highly recommended for accomplishing several tasks. These tasks may be interrupted when the QuickBooks error 1328 develops. Certain users who found this error did not initially resolve it. Soon, this error led to multiple other errors one after the other. If you don’t want to witness such a situation, then fixing the error 1328 as soon as you see it will be the only excellent option for you.

For forming your understanding of this QuickBooks Desktop error, here you will find the complete information you need. This information will be inclusive of causes as well as fixes for eliminating the 1328 error in QB.

To completely understand and remove the error 1328 in QuickBooks 2016, the following will be discussed:

What is the Meaning of the QuickBooks Error 1328?

The error code 1328 is a problem that you can come across while installing, updating, repairing or even uninstalling QuickBooks. On different versions of the software like QuickBooks Desktop, this error can be found. This error code can further display a message on the screen. The message may frequently occur and tell you that the config msi file could not be updated.

What is Causing the Error 1328 in QuickBooks 2016 on My System?

In QuickBooks 2016, QuickBooks Desktop, or any other version, the error 1328 may be coming up because of the 6 reasons mentioned in this section.

  1. By chance, any invalid entries may have been left in the registry of your system while installing QuickBooks.
  2. Malware attack is the first reason for seeing this Intuit QB error.
  3. Faulty software files can easily lead to troubles just like the error 1328 QuickBooks update problem.
  4. Improper installation of the software lies among the major causes for seeing this error code.
  5. Had you been turning off your computer by not following the correct way, problems like this error will take place.
  6. While you were downloading and installing QuickBooks or QuickBooks Desktop, network error may have occurred. Thus, this error may be arising as a result of the same.

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How do I Resolve the QuickBooks Update Error 1328?

By following 3 fixes, you can troubleshoot, as well as prevent, the QuickBooks error 1328 applying patch problem. These fixes will guide you in renaming the config.msi file, deleting and repairing QB, and updating Windows. Our fixes are well-known for the ease of administering them. As you begin reading and implementing them, you will realize this yourself.

Fix 1: Locate and Rename the Config.msi File on Your Computer

The error 1328 config msi in QuickBooks may be signifying that there is some problem with it. By finding and renaming it, you will be able to prevent the error with ease. Navigating to the C drive is the first thing you ought to do. You can choose Explore by right-clicking on Start. Via Explore, you can find this drive. Accompanied by picking Tools and Folder, you can press View given in the Toolbar. Soon, you will find the desired file. At last, you can make edits to its name.

  1. Right-tap on “Start” and pick “Explore”.
  2. Find the “C Drive” and twice click on it.
  3. Select “Tools”.
  4. Opt for “Folder”.
  5. Click on “View” by accessing the “Toolbar”.
  6. Ensure that “All Hidden Files as well as Folders” is chosen.
  7. Hit the “Apply” button.
  8. Push the “Ok” button.
  9. Every system file you require has to be operated.
  10. Look for “config.msi”. Then right-click on the same and pick “Rename”.
  11. Write “.old” behind the name of the file.
  12. Press “Enter”.

Your files will be hidden and protected as well. Along with that, the error 1328 in QB will stop emerging.

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Fix 2: Remove and Repair QuickBooks on Windows

If you have been coming across the error 1328 when repairing QuickBooks, then you can repair the software using another way. This error will neither interfere nor emerge again on your system. Using this way, you can head to the Control Panel by logging in to your Windows system as the admin. You can find and uninstall QuickBooks using the list provided in Programs and Features. Then run the repairing process via the QuickBooks Uninstaller.

  • Turn on and sign in to your system. Make certain that you are signed in as the “Administrator”.
  • Visit the “Control Panel”.
  • “Programs and Features” has to be opted for.
program and featured - QuickBooks Error 1328
  • Run your eyes through the list to find “QuickBooks”.
  • Pick “QuickBooks” and uninstall it.
  • As the “QuickBooks Uninstaller” is seen, select “Repair”.
  • Proceed with starting the QuickBooks repair process.
  • Place the “Security Patch” when QuickBooks has been repaired.

Fix 3: Execute the Process to Update Windows

Here is another short fix that you should definitely administer. With its help, you can effectively remove the QuickBooks update error 1328. In this fix, you will learn to update Windows by looking for the Windows Update option in the Search Box of the Start Menu. Pick the desired option from the visible results. Then install all the updates by pressing the button. Later, you can install the software of QuickBooks or update it.

  • Tap the “Windows” button.
  • Use the “Search” option to look for “Windows Update”.
  • Press the icon of “Windows Update” appearing at the top in the list.
  • Select the “Check for Updates” option.
update - QuickBooks Error 1328
  • Your system will take some time to download the needed updates. After the downloading process is over, press “Install Updates”.
  • Start over your Windows system.
  • In this step, install QB. In case the software already exists on your system, you can get the latest updates for the same.

Note: If you are already using QuickBooks on Windows and you are updating this software, then make certain that the updates are properly installed.

How can I Troubleshoot the Error 1328 Config MSI in QuickBooks Desktop?

The users of QuickBooks Desktop can also run into the error code 1328. For troubleshooting it, the users can clean install the accounting software and then install it again. Along with that, the Install Diagnostic Tool can also be implemented for getting rid of the error 1328 when repairing QuickBooks.

Fix 1: Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop for Reinstalling it

One of the best fixes for getting rid of the QuickBooks error 1328 is to clean install the software for the purpose of its reinstallation. This fix comprises 3 processes for clean installing the accounting software. These are inclusive of removing QuickBooks Desktop, renaming the folders of installation, and reinstalling the software by doing a clean installation.

To begin, you can visit the section of Programs and Features by accessing the Control Panel. Then you can remove the software. Rest of the directions can be read now.

  1. Hold the “Windows” and “R” keys together for starting “Run”.
  2. Type in “Control Panel” and push the “Ok” button.
  3. Navigate to “Programs and Features”. In case the “Control Panel” is running in the “Category View”, pick “Uninstall a Program”.
  4. After opening the list mentioning various programs, choose “QuickBooks”.
  5. Click on “Change” or “Uninstall”.
  6. Read the guidelines that you can see on the screen. Execute them to remove “QuickBooks Desktop”.

Note: While removing “QuickBooks Desktop”, if any error message is observed, then you may need professional help.

  1. To auto-rename the folders of installation, you can open your browser. Then search and download “QuickBooks Clean Install Tool”.
  2. Store the tool’s file on your “Desktop”.
  3. Tap on “QuickBooks_Clean_Install_Utility.exe” by visiting the “Desktop”.
  4. The “License Agreement” will be visible. Press “Accept”.
  5. Select QuickBooks Desktop’s “Version”.
  6. Tap “Continue”.
  7. After the following message is seen, press “Ok”:
    “QuickBooks is Now Ready for a Clean Install, Please Install it to the Default Directory.”

Note: If access is not provided for changing any folder’s name, visit the “Taskbar” and right-tap on it. Pick “Task Manager”. Click on “Processes”. With the help of the header of “Image Name Column”, the processes have to be alphabetically sorted. Select “QBDBMgrN.exe”, “Qbw32.exe”, “QBDBMgr.exe”, and “QBCFMonitorService.exe”. The “End Process” option has to be chosen. Wait for a message stating “WARNING: Terminating a Process can Cause Undesired Results Including Loss of Data and System Instability.” Then press “Yes”. Then the problem of lack of access for renaming the folders will not arise.

  1. Following a clean installation, let’s reinstall QB. First, completely remove “QuickBooks”.
  2. Now, you can clean install the software.
  3. You can use an installation CD for getting the software or you can do it by downloading the file.
  4. Lastly, ensure that the software gets completely installed.

Fix 2: Download & Utilize QB Install Diagnostic Tool

Not only for the error 1328 in the QB software but for numerous other errors as well, we have always recommended the use of the Install Diagnostic Tool. You may be familiar with the procedure to download this tool and run it. Should you require help even then, you can follow the directions mentioned in this section.

By searching for this tool using your web browser, you can download and establish the setup file. After accepting the EULA Agreement, you can launch the QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool. Afterwards, you can start over Windows and open the accounting software.

  1. For downloading the “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool”, you can use your browser to search and do the needful.
  2. After the downloading process has ended, close each program that is running.
  3. Go to the section of “Downloads”.
  4. Open the setup file.
  5. When you see the “EULA Agreement”, push the “Yes” button.
  6. In the window of “QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool”, press “Proceed”.
  7. Every component of Microsoft will be updated now. Please wait and refrain from interrupting the process.
  8. From the “Start Menu”, choose the option to “Restart” Windows.
  9. Then open and use “QuickBooks”.

We hope that after executing the 9th step of this fix, the QuickBooks error 1328 applying patch will not annoy you by emerging once again.

In Essence

The causes of the error 1328 QuickBooks update problem have been mentioned here to help you prevent it in future. The next time you are installing, downloading updates, repairing or removing QB, you can keep such causes at bay and this error will not occur again. For some unavoidable reason, however, if the error 1328 still enters the software, then the multiple fixes displayed above will assist you. You will only have to pick the fix that is best suitable depending on the cause of the error code 1328.

More effective fixes for numerous errors are coming your way! Keep coming back to know them.

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