How to Fix QuickBooks Install Error 1712 Using Numerous Ways?

How to Fix QuickBooks Install Error 1712 Using Numerous Ways?

While installing QB or removing a program that demands the rebooting of your computer, you may see certain technical problems. The error 1712 when installing QuickBooks is one among them. It can be the consequence of faulty data files, malicious software, etc. The presence of such elements can surely cause this error. In addition to that, when this error isn’t fixed, you may see several other problems as well. So, to help you avoid this error and the problems resulting due to it, we will be educating you about all the fixes you need. Gear up yourself and go through this extensive guide with us.

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What is the Meaning of the Error 1712 When Installing QuickBooks for Desktop?

The error code 1712 has often been seen while users attempt the installation of the QuickBooks software. The QuickBooks installation error 1712 can generate a message stating that restoration cannot be attempted due to the absence of one or more required files, error 1334 is also come during installation. Since these files are absolutely necessary for restoring your system to its earlier state, their absence may create problems.

Primary Causes of the Error 1712 When Installing QuickBooks

The error 1712 when installing QuickBooks for desktop can persist as a result of the 5 causes shown below.

1. Faulty QuickBooks Desktop data files are among the major causes of this error.

2. Recently, in case any changes have been done to QuickBooks, they may be causing certain problems just like this error code.

3. This error can show up when QuickBooks is being installed in a damaged/coded folder.

4. Ensure your system has no malicious software like viruses, spyware, adware, etc. If such software is present on your system, then the error 1712 will be its consequence.

5. Faulty registry forms the next cause of the problem.

Fixes to Settle the QuickBooks Install Error 1712

The fixes we have for you to settle and prevent the error 1712 in QuickBooks are inclusive of exiting the QuickBooks version using the Task Manager, performing the modification of the app data, correctly downloading the QB software, etc. This error can also be removed with the help of tools like QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. For more information, you can scroll below.

Fix 1: Close QuickBooks Version Using the Task Manager

In this fix for the QB error 1712, we will be utilizing the Task Manager of Windows. With its help, we will close each version of QB which may be functioning in the background. Afterwards, you can install the QuickBooks software once again on your Windows computer. 

1. First, reboot your Windows computer. As an alternative to this, you can also restart it.

2. Next, open the “Task Manager”.

3. One by one, close every version of “QuickBooks” which is running.

4. Reinstall QB.

5. After it gets reinstalled, use QB as usual. While using it, if the QuickBooks 2019 error 1712 shows up, then you can make or add one Windows user. Ensure that the “Administrator Rights” are provided to the user. Then install the QuickBooks software.

Fix 2: Modify the App Data Path in Registry on Your Computer

The QuickBooks installation error 1712 can be settled by modifying the app data path. You can find it in the registry. For modifying the app data path, you can access the Start Menu and write regedit.exe. Then with the help of Regedit, you can trace a particular path. After tracing it, you will find an entry named App Data. After selecting it, the replacement of the original value has to be done. For your complete understanding of this fix, you can read the 7 steps shown below.

1. Press the “Start” key.

2. Using “Search”, type in “regedit.exe”.

regedit - quickbooks install error 1712

3. Then look for the path given as follows via “Regedit”:

“HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folders”

4. Click two times on “App Data”.

5. Using the path of your local profile, the original value has to be replaced.

6. Start over your computer.

7. Ensure whether the error 1712 in QuickBooks has been fixed.

Fix 3: Download QuickBooks Desktop & Correctly Install it

You may be running into the error 1712 when installing QuickBooks 2017. The chief reason behind this may be the incorrect method of installing the software. In case you are trying to get QuickBooks Desktop, you can follow the method described here. When correctly executed, the software will get downloaded with any flaws developing in its installation. 

You can go to the resource page from where QuickBooks Desktop can be downloaded. After selecting the suitable Product Version of QuickBooks, you will find a Download button. You can press it. In some time, QuickBooks will get downloaded. The next step will be to correctly install the accounting software. This time, the 1712 error should not emerge on your computer.

Fix 4: Utilize Quick Fix My Program via QuickBooks Tool Hub

Quick Fix My Program is a part of QuickBooks Tool Hub that can initiate a repairing process for resolving common issues. The error 1712 is one of these common issues that can be resolved with this part of the tool. To use it, you can first download QuickBooks Tool Hub with the version. This tool will display the Program Problems option. Via this option, you will obtain access to Quick Fix My Programs. You can click-open it to repair the error on your computer.

1. Ensure that the QuickBooks software is not open on your computer.

2. Next, the “QuickBooks Tool Hub”, with the “ Version”, has to be downloaded. 

3. When the download finishes, save your file with the name “QuickBooksToolHub.exe”. 

4. From the saved file’s location, open it. 

5. The fifth step requires you to install the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” by following the prompts provided on your screen. 

6. Accept the “Terms and Conditions” when you are required to do so. 

7. Wait till the tool hub is getting installed.

8. Now, open the “Desktop”.

9. Click twice on the tool hub’s icon.

Please Note: After opening the “Desktop”, if the icon of the tool hub cannot be viewed, you should press the “Windows” key. In “Search”, type in “QuickBooks Tool Hub”. Go through the search results and choose the tool hub. Then open it.

10. Moving forward, let us now see the steps for running “Quick Fix My Program”. After opening the tool hub, tap on “Program Problems”.

11. Now, you will see “Quick Fix My Programs”. Click-open it.

12. Then reinstall the QB software.

13. In the end, check whether the QuickBooks install error 1712 has been removed.

Please Note: Some of the users may already be having the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” on their systems. In that case, they will not be required to download and install it once again. However, it will be helpful to check that the version of the tool isn’t outdated. You can visit “Home” and scroll down. Towards the right, at the bottom, you can check the version. Alternatively, you can visit the “About” section. This section will also showcase the version of the tool hub. If the version is outdated, you can update it.

Fix 5: Remove Installation Errors via QB Install Diagnostic Tool

It is believed that the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is very helpful for repairing various problems. Certain users of the software have used this tool for troubleshooting the error 1712 when installing QuickBooks 2018. 

Should you like to try this tool for this purpose, you can download the tool from Intuit’s site. After downloading, as well as installing it, you can turn off every application functioning on your computer. Then you can choose the option I am having Problems Installing QuickBooks after opening the tool. That is all you need to do for escaping this error. 

1. Go to Intuit’s official website.

2. Look for the “QBInstall Tool”.

3. Now, download the “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool” on your system.

4. The third step is accompanied by completely installing the tool.

5. Ensure that every system application has been closed. 

6. See to it that all the applications functioning in the background have also been closed.

7. Now, right-tap on the “QB Install Diagnostic Tool”. Click on “Open”.

8. The option “I am having Problems Installing QuickBooks” has to be chosen.

9. Press “Ok”.

10. Then your system has to be rebooted. 

In Essence

This blog had been divided into multiple sections. Each section helped you understand something crucial about the error 1712 when installing QuickBooks 2017. We believe that after reading this blog, you will have been able to get rid of this error. Now that the software has become error-free, you can use it for finishing all your important business tasks.

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