QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Setup and Troubleshooting Slow Speed Error

QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Setup and Troubleshooting Slow Speed Error

The multi-user mode of QuickBooks is an advantageous mode for users. Using this mode, teams can easily collaborate with each other and work with improved flexibility. Setting up this mode of the software is essential for the users prior to using it. The QuickBooks multi-user mode setup has been provided here with complete steps. In this blog, you can learn the advantages of using this mode as well as important points you must keep in mind while setting it up.

Several users have shared that after the multi-user mode of QB has been set up, the speed of the software becomes sluggish. So, a part of this blog has been dedicated to clearing this problem.

This post on establishing the QuickBooks multi-user setup will cover the following as well:

What is the Multi-user Mode in QuickBooks?

In the QB software, the multi-user mode enables several users to install a company file and use it at the same time. A network of servers is required for doing so. This mode is quite helpful for making work more flexible for the users of the file. Try our guide if Multi-user mode not working in QuickBooks

What are the Advantages of Setting up the Multi-user Mode in QuickBooks?

Prior to learning how to use QuickBooks in multi-user mode and set it up, below, you can go through the various advantages of using it.

  1. Using this mode of the QB software, business accounting can be made more efficient and also help in saving time.
  2. A server computer can be selected for accessing the multi-user mode. In addition to that, you can also use the workstation of your office as the host.
  3. This mode is helpful for removing any geographical limitations. Along with that, employers can easily track their employees.
  4. Teams can collaborate better after they set up the mode for multi-user in QuickBooks Desktop or any other version of the software.
  5. Several users who have set up this mode have experienced better productivity in work as well as business.

Key Things to Note Before Administering QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Setup

4 important things have been mentioned in this section. It will be helpful to make a note of these things before you set up the multi-user mode on the QuickBooks software.

  1. Ensure that on each computer, QuickBooks has been successfully installed.
  2. You can use a server that has been centralized for storing the company file of QuickBooks. This will help several users to access the file.
  3. On all the local workstations, the separate as well as a licensed copy of QB should be installed. Check out the ways to find license number and product number.
  4. It will be important to understand that on every version of QB, the allowance for the number of users can be different. A number of three simultaneous users is allowed on QuickBooks Pro. On QuickBooks Premier, as many as five simultaneous users can be allowed. In the case of QuickBooks Enterprise Solution, a number of thirty simultaneous users is allowed.

How to Perform QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Setup on Your Computer?

Here is a method to perform the QuickBooks multi-user setup on your system. This method revolves around installing the QB software on your system. This is followed by enabling access for the Multi-host User. Then you can scan your QB company file with the help of the Database Server Manager. Lastly, you can provide access to the additional users for the company file and the users can log in to open the file.

Now, we should consider reading this method to set up the multi-user mode of QB in a step-by-step manner.

  1. On your computer, download “QuickBooks”.
  2. Go ahead with the installation of “QuickBooks”.
  3. Then select “Multi-user Host Installation”.
  4. Now, “QuickBooks” has to be opened.
  5. Then select “File”.
  6. Click on the option of “Utilities”.
  7. Select “Multi-host User Access”.
  8. Look for the option “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access”. If this option is found, then that means the multi-user mode is already being hosted.
  9. After the “Multi-host User Access” has been enabled, rush to the location of the QuickBooks company file on your PC.
  10. Press “Start” and select “Programs”.
  11. In the eleventh step, the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” has to be selected.
  12. Then click on “Scan Folder”.
  13. Click on “Add Folder”.
  14. Pick the folder in which the company files have been kept.
  15. Now, tap on “Ok”.
  16. In case a new folder has to be added, press “Add Folder” one more time.
  17. The folder has to be scanned now. You can tap the “Scan” button for doing so.
  18. Press “Scan” and then press “Close” to complete this process.
  19. The company file needs to be kept ready for any additional users. You can start adding the users now. Then you can provide them with access for opening the company file.
  20. You can also use a password for safeguarding the information of the file. The password will also help in preventing any unauthorized access.
  21. You can request the users to run “QuickBooks” and log in to your company file.
  22. Lastly, check that the PC that is hosting the file is on and running.

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How to Use QuickBooks Multi-user Mode if the Software is Running Slowly?

After completing the QuickBooks multi-user setup and using the software in this mode, several users have shared that the speed of the software had reduced. According to these users, QuickBooks was running slowly in the multi-user mode. In case the problem is arising on your system as well, you can implement the 4 fixes given in the following sections.

These fixes for improving the speed of the QB software in the multi-user mode will teach you to change its default settings, reinstall the software, check the speed via the UNC path, and manage the data file.

Fix 1: Change the Default Settings of the QuickBooks Software

Changing the default settings of QB can settle many problems just like the problem of the slow speed. To change these settings, you can open the software and go to the File option. From there, you can click-open Utilities and then head to the tab named Host Multi-user Access. You can continue with the addition of multiple users to the QB file and enable multi-user access by selecting the option for the same.

  • On your PC, run “QuickBooks”.
  • Go to “File”.
  • Tap on “Utilities”.
  • Enter the tab of “Host Multi-user Access”.
quickbooks multi user setup
  • Click on “Add Multiple Users” to your company file.
  • In the sixth step, choose the “Multi-user Access Option”.

Important: In case the “Multi-user Access Option” had been selected by you earlier, you will not be required to select it now.

  1. Make a password for the user account.

Important: When a password is created for the user account, you will be able to protect your data.

  1. After making the password, use the multi-user mode. Carefully check whether the problem of the slow speed of the QuickBooks 2016 multi-user mode, or any other version of this software, has been fixed.

Fix 2: Install QuickBooks Again on Your System

Sometimes QuickBooks can run slowly while the multi-user mode has been enabled. This can happen due to certain bugs in the software itself. You can prefer reinstalling the software again on your system. You can first remove QuickBooks from the tab of Program and Features in the Control Panel. Then you can open the website of Intuit on your browser and install the software again.

To learn the steps of this fix, please read here.

  1. Turn on your system and access the “Start Menu” by pressing the “Windows” key.
  2. Click on the “Control Panel”.
  3. In the “Control Panel”, click on “Program and Features”.
  4. Now, select the “QuickBooks Option”. Right-tap on it to choose “Uninstall”.
  5. Once the QuickBooks software has been uninstalled from your system, you can visit Intuit’s official website.
  6. From the website, download “QuickBooks”.
  7. Install the QuickBooks software.
  8. While you install QB, choose the “Multi-user Host Installation Option”.
  9. Next, you can open QuickBooks in the multi-user mode. The problem of slow speed should not occur now.

Fix 3: Use the UNC Path to Check the Speed

Several users often ask “How to keep QuickBooks in the multi-user mode if the software is running very slowly?”. If you have the same question to ask, then you will be relieved to know that you can utilize the UNC path to check the speed and fix the problem.

  1. On your keyboard, press the combination of keys mentioned below.
    “Windows” key + “E” key
  2. Search the server’s name.
  3. Look for the field of “Network Location”.
  4. Now, search for the drives which have been mapped such as “X:\”.
  5. The name of the “Server System” has to be noted. You can identify it by two backlashes or “//”. You can note the name of the notepad.
  6. Write the name of the “Server System” as well as the “Shared Folder” as has been mentioned below.
    “\ServerName\SharedFolder Name”
  7. Make a note of the path entered above and then launch “QuickBooks”.
  8. Choose the “Company File” and press the “Next” button.
  9. In the field of “File Name”, write the “UNC Path”.
  10. Now, you have to press “Enter”.
  11. You will be able to view a list of all the company files. You can open any company file as per your preference.
  12. As you open the company file, ensure if the QuickBooks software is still running slowly.

Fix 4: Try Managing the Data File

You may be wondering how to use the multi-user QuickBooks mode when it is reducing the speed of the QB software. You can try managing the data file for this purpose. It will help in maintaining the speed of QuickBooks even when you are using the multi-user mode.

To help you manage the file, we have 4 tips for you. You can read these tips below and ensure that they are followed by you.

  1. You can reduce the ranges of the data on the reports which are big.
  2. At a time, try using just one module. Also, ensure that the shared users are less in number.
  3. You can prefer saving the data file on a computer which has a network with the best speed.
  4. Try replacing slow NIC or Network Interface Card.

Everything Considered

This blog helped you learn how to keep QuickBooks in the multi-user mode. Before setting up this mode, we will highly recommend that you carefully read the things which are required to be done. Furthermore, you learnt a number of advantages of using this mode like easier business accounting, working together beyond any geographical limitations, tracking your employees, enhanced collaboration, and improved productivity.

In addition to this, we helped you learn the step-by-step fixes for troubleshooting the slow speed of the software after setting up the multi-user mode. Should you experience any problems with the fixes or the setup procedure, you can connect with us via the comment section.

For further readings, you can browse the best-ever fixes for resolving the QuickBooks display issues. Along with that, you can also check out why the QuickBooks web connector error is affecting your system and how you can remove it.

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