Solved: Cannot Open Company Files in QuickBooks, QB Desktop, QB POS

Solved: Cannot Open Company Files in QuickBooks, QB Desktop, QB POS

Damages or corruption in company files often prevent QuickBooks from opening them. Also, When an incorrect way is used for opening them, the software cannot open the company files. On the basis of the various causes of the problem, we have come up with reliable fixes. On seeing that QuickBooks will not open company files, you should first check that the method used for running them is appropriate. Followed by this, you can rename the extensions of “.ND” files, “.TLG” files, etc., to fix the errors in your company files. 

Moving further, you can read about the troubleshooting measures to apply when you are unable to open your company files in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Point of Sale.

This is a list of topics and fixes that we will be reading about:

Why QuickBooks won’t Open My Company File?

QuickBooks will not open your company files due to the following reasons:

  • Your file may be damaged.
  • A system on the shared network may be using the company file that you are opening.
  • The method for running the file may be faulty.
  • QB’s version may not have been updated before accessing a company file.
  • The “.ND” extension or “.TLG” extension may be the reason behind the issue.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks won’t Open Company Files

To open QuickBooks company files without any problems, use the correct method. When an incorrect method is implemented for opening the files, difficulties can arise. If QuickBooks cannot open company files even now, then rename the “.ND” and “.TLG” extensions. Along with this, the location of the company files can also be changed.

More information about these fixes has been provided below.

Fix 1: Correctly Open Company Files in QuickBooks

In trying to open a particular company file in QB, you may find problems. Possibly, QuickBooks is unable to open this company file due to the incorrect method used for running it. To correctly access the file, make use of the Open or Restore Company option in the File menu. Decide the file’s type. Then from the company file’s location, open it.

  • In the software, select “File”.
  • In the menu, opt for “Open or Restore Company”.
  • Tap on the file’s type for opening it.
  • Open the folder wherein the file has been stored.
  • Pick your company file.
  • The “Open” option can be selected.

Fix 2: Rename “.ND” & “.TLG” Extensions

The extension files “.ND” and “.TLG” should be renamed when you notice difficulties in running your QuickBooks company files. To rename them, first visit the files’ folder. Using the Rename option, make changes to the transaction log file’s names. Then launch a company file that was not getting opened. Hopefully, it should get opened now.

Below, you can find the complete steps to apply this fix:

  • The folder of your QB company file has to be accessed.
  • Find the file for the transaction log.
  • On right-clicking on this file, press “Rename”.
  • Insert the following in place of the existing name:
    • “OLD.qbw.TLG”
  • The file has to be run.
  • New files having “.ND” and “.TLG” extensions will be made.

Note: Avoid deleting the “.ND” and “.TLG” extension files. In the future, they can be used for data recovery.

  • Check whether you are still unable to open the QuickBooks company file.

Fix 3: Change Your QuickBooks Company file’s Location

The location of the company files of QB needs to be bug-free. When it is not so, errors will emerge when the files are being opened. For this reason, we believe that when a location is not free from errors, it should be changed. This is to say that you can move your company files to another location, preferably on the C: Drive. Following this, the QuickBooks company file won’t open error should be removed.

  • Open the “C: Drive” on your system.
  • Make a folder in the drive.
  • Visit the folder in which you have kept your company files.
  • Tap the “Ctrl” key. While holding it, choose a company file.
  • Right-clicking on the chosen file, press “Copy”.
  • In the folder prepared in Step 2, the file needs to be pasted.

In doing so, the location of your company file will get changed. After this, the new location or folder should be used for running the files of QuickBooks.

Fix 4: Rename QuickBooks Company Files

On finding that you cannot open a company file in QuickBooks, check whether its name is problematic. In addition, it will be of use to confirm whether there are more files that have problematic names assigned to them. After confirming the same, you can right-click on those files and pick Rename. The new names assigned should comprise less than 3 letters. 

This fix can be understood better with the following directions:

  • Go to the folder in which the QB program’s company files have been kept.
  • Pick a company file and right-tap on it.
  • Choose the option that states “Rename”.
  • Input a new name for the chosen file and save it.

Note: The new name should include only 3 letters.

  • Now, check whether the “.TLG” extension file is available in the same folder.
  • If found, then rename the “.TLG” extension file.

Fixing QuickBooks Desktop will Not Open My Company File

When the users cannot open company files in QuickBooks Desktop, they’re suggested to update the software. Prior to this, the version of the accounting software should be checked via Product Information. To start updating, the Help menu can be opened for choosing Update QuickBooks Desktop. The Update Now option will help in proceeding ahead. Soon, you will have to exit and re-open QB Desktop to install the latest version. 

To check the current version of QB Desktop and then update it, these instructions can be used:

  • Check that “QuickBooks Desktop” is open.
  • To reach “Product Information”, press the following key or combination of keys:
    • “F2” key
    • “Ctrl” key + “1” key
  • View the software’s version.
  • If an update is needed, then click on “Help”.
  • Tap on “Update QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Select “Update Now”.
  • As an optional step, tick “Reset Update” for clearing the former updates.
  • Opt for “Get Updates”.
  • After updating, close the software.
  • Then open “QuickBooks Desktop” again.
  • A prompt will ask you to start installing the new version of the software. Provide your acceptance.

Note: To enable the auto-update process, choose “Update QuickBooks Desktop” in “Help”. In “Options”, press “Yes”. Tap on “Yes” to enable auto-downloads for PCs on the network. Then press “Close”. Please remember that enabling QuickBooks Desktop to get automatically updated is optional.

Resolving QuickBooks POS will Not Open Company Files

In QuickBooks Point of Sale or POS, you can open your company with no errors by running the Rebuild Data utility. This utility works to remove the bugs that can affect the file and prevent it from getting opened. In addition to this, the Verify Data utility can also be implemented. Soon, you will notice that the QuickBooks POS won’t open the company file error has been cleared.

In the sections that you are now about to read, the instructions for running these QuickBooks utilities have been mentioned.

Fix 1: Implement QB Verify Data Utility

To fix the issue of QuickBooks POS cannot open a company file, running the Verify Data utility of QB will be thoughtful. You can find this utility in the File menu. Press Ok when you see a message stating that QuickBooks Detected No Problem with Your Data. After this, a company file can be opened. The utility will check the file. Later, it will provide you with suitable options to continue troubleshooting the exact problem.

  • Select “Utilities” after clicking on “File”.
  • Tap on “Verify Data”.
  • Wait till the following message is received:
    • “QuickBooks Detected No Problem with Your Data”
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Open your company file and try to use it.
  • “Verify Data” will find issues in the file. Then it will provide you with the following options:
    • “Rebuild Now”
    • “View Errors”
    • Choose one of these options.
  • After performing the process on the basis of the chosen option, press “Close”.

Fix 2: Use Rebuild Data Utility to Repair QuickBooks

In QuickBooks Point of Sale, difficulties in running company files can occur due to damages in the software. The Rebuild Data utility, available in the File menu, can be used for repairing those damages. The utility will initiate a process. You can wait till its completion. Afterward, the software will show no problems in opening the files.

To open your QuickBooks company files with the help of the Rebuild Data Utility, please make use of the following steps:

  • The “File” menu of QB has to be visited.
  • Select “Utilities”.
  • Opt for “Rebuild Data”.
  • A prompt will be seen to make the company file’s backup. Press “Ok”.
  • You may see the following message: 
    • “QuickBooks is Not Responding”
  • Check whether you can use the cursor. If yes, then the utility will be in process. Let the process be over.
  • On receiving a message that confirms that the process is over, press “Ok”.

With this, the QuickBooks POS won’t open the company file error will be resolved.

In Summary,

An outdated version of QuickBooks is likely to show problems as you run your company files. Sometimes, there can be other causes like damages that may come in the way of opening the files. Here, we found that opening your company files should not be problematic when the version of the accounting software has been updated. Also, the correct method ought to be used when the files have to be accessed. 

In another suggested reading, we have explained how you can change the company name in QuickBooks. Should you need to change its name, you can click here to know more.

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