What Does The Star On Snapchat Mean

What Does The Star On Snapchat Mean

Snapchat is a messaging application that can be used in both Android and iPhone devices. Users can use to send or share photos or videos to and with their friends. The pictures you have shared on Snapchat will be expired after some minutes, say ten minutes. The best part of using this messaging application is that, whatever you have shared will be deleted after some time, so it will never occupy or demand a huge sum of space on your device. It lets us share texts, photos, videos and more with our friends, mates, loved ones and relatives. We can share the things within a matter of time. Snapchat is a easy to use application and loaded with fantastic features.

As like other chatting applications, Snapchat as well get hold of stars, emojis, possibility of sharing videos and audios and more. Added to these things, Snapchat remains more secured while comparing to other chat applications as the stories shared on the Snapchat will be removed automatically. The users of the Snapchat will ask that, what the star icon on the Snapchat mean. The star symbol on the Snapchat can mean any one of the three things. Let us discuss about what the star on the Snapchat mean.

  1. Star Means the Favorite Contact

Even though we have many contacts in our phone book, but only one or two contacts remain our favorite – right? The same point applies with Snapchat contacts too. If you have a Snapchat contact that you frequently contact with and share your snaps very often with the contact, the contact comes to your favorite list. The Snapchat application notices your activity with every Snapchat user and mark the contact as your favorite if you have sent and received lot of snaps to and from the contact. With no doubts, favorite contacts stand out from other contacts, as they get hold of a star symbol near to their names on your contact list.

  1. Star Appears When Your Friend Has Viewed Snaps Many Times

Yes, you can receive a yellow star for your snaps that have been watched by your friends many times. It happens with everyone that, if they like some photo or video, they watch it for many times. When you open up your Snapchat and address a star near someone’s name, even though she or he is not your favorite or not someone you frequently contact with, this means that, he or she has replied or reviewed your snaps several times.

  1. Star Appears When a Friend Replied to a Snap

When you post a snap on Snapchat, your Snapchat friends can reply to your post within 24 hours. If any of your friends has replied to your post within the 24 hours time limit, a star will appear near to the name of that friend. This star is just to indicate that a friend has viewed your post in the past 24 hours.

For these three reasons, the star on the Snapchat will appear. Once you see a star near to the name of your Snapchat contact, you should know there are three possibilities for this star and you should find out what for the star has appeared now. You do not need to confuse yourself once after seeing a star on your Snapchat. You need to sit and open the contact that has got a star. When you open the contact on your Snapchat, you would come to know your conversation and frequency rate with the contact. With these things, you can easily encounter what for the star has appeared now near to your contacts.

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