8 Solutions to Resolve Hulu Error 94

There are thousands of TV shows to watch but the Hulu error 94 is all up to kill your excitement in just a minute. None can understand better than us how much you love Hulu. You can continue to binge-watch all your favourite shows because we have already discovered 8 foolproof solutions to fix the error 94 on Hulu in no time. Xbox One, Windows 10 computer, Apple TV, or Android phone, be it any kind of device, we will help you fix the Hulu loading error 94 with ease and stream shows with joy. 

Things to Learn in this Guide

This is the best guide to understand everything about the Hulu Error 94. We will tell you what does error 94 mean on Hulu. We will share with you the 5 usual causes of the error 94 on Hulu. And lastly, we will provide you 8 expert solutions to fix the Hulu error code error 94 on several streaming devices. 

What is Error 94 on Hulu?

The Hulu error 94 occurs when you are watching a video on this application. This error has been commonly observed on Android phones and tablets, Windows, Xbox One, and Apple devices. If the Hulu error 94 is not fixed, then you will not be able to continue streaming movies, shows, or events on this app. One of the best ways to escape the error 94 Hulu is by understanding its causes. So, let’s move ahead to the next section. 

Causes – These are the 5 usual causes of the Hulu error 94.

1. Poor internet connection is the number one cause of error 94 on Hulu. An internet service that lacks good speed can prevent the functioning of Hulu. 

2. The corrupt cache is a potential cause of the Hulu loading error 94. This happens when the launched configurations are cached by the Hulu streaming device and they may be corrupt for that device. So, instead of creating a seamless experience, the cache gets corrupt and causes the Hulu error code 94.

3. Outdated software is the third cause of Hulu error 94. When the device’s software is updated, there is little possibility of seeing any incompatibility with the Hulu app. 

4. Enabling the VPN can trigger incompatibility between the server and the ISP. Disabling it will be an excellent idea to avoid the Hulu error 94.

5. True for a majority of apps, not installing the latest updates will not prevent any existing bugs. In the case of Hulu too, when the app has not been equipped with the updates, the Hulu error code error 94 is likely to emerge. 

How to troubleshoot Hulu Error 94?

We have excellent skills in problem-solving. We have accomplished 8 foolproof solutions that will definitely help you resolve the error 94 Hulu. Whether you are facing this error on your Windows system or your Apple TV, in this useful post, you will find complete solutions to troubleshoot the Hulu loading error 94 on multiple kinds of devices. 

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

A bad internet connection can be the main cause of error 94 on Hulu. When the speed is not correct, the app will be unable to draw a stable connection. So, an ideal fix will be to check your internet connection. In case the internet connection seems to be poor, do the 3 steps given below to fix it.

1. Turn off the router or modem for a few minutes.

2. Then turn it on again.

3. Now, check whether the Hulu error code error 94 persists. 

Expert Tip: Sometimes your internet connection may be great but the Hulu streaming device may not be near the router or modem. So, always keep the streaming device for Hulu in the wifi connection range. 

Fix 2: Deactivate and Reactivate Your Device

Refreshing the device on which you are streaming Hulu can also help in refreshing this application. That is why the simplest of all solutions for Hulu error 94 is to deactivate your device and then reactivate it. For those of you who have no clue how to deactivate and reactivate your device, read the 9 steps given below. 

1. Open the web browser and visit the official website of Hulu

2. Enter your credentials to log in.

3. Hit the “Login” button.

4. In the top right corner, press the “Block” icon and choose “Account”.

5. Select the option of “Manage Devices” in the “Account” section. 

6. Now, tap “Remove” beside the device for deactivating it. 

7. To reactivate the device, log in to your Hulu account again. 

8. You will be required to enter the code when you log in again. 

9. Once reactivated, open Hulu. The Hulu error 94 will not interfere while you stream now. 

Fix 3: Update Hulu Application

The most usual cause of error 94 on Hulu is not installing the latest updates for the application. So, in this part of the blog, we will tell you how to fix the Hulu error code error 94 by updating the app. Updating Hulu on multiple devices, such as Windows, Android devices, and Apple devices requires different procedures. Below we have explained every procedure separately. Take a look. 

Update Hulu Application on Windows:

Follow this 6-step procedure to update Hulu on Windows.

1. The first step is to close the Hulu application completely.

2. Next, tap the icon of the “Microsoft Store” in the taskbar.

3. Now, in the top right corner of the store, tap the icon with “Three Dots”.

4. Click on “Downloads and Updates”.

5. The fifth step is to hit the “Get Updates” button. Now, the downloading process will begin.

6. When the application gets updated, open it to check whether the Hulu error 94 has been fixed. 

Update Hulu Application on Android Devices:

Consider reading these 7 steps to update the Hulu app on your Android phone and tablet. 

1. On your device, open the “Play Store”.

2. Now, you have to press the “Menu” button.

3. Next, you have to tap on “My App and Games”.

4. Then go to the “Updates” tab.

5. The fifth step is to tap on “Check for Updates”.

6. Next, locate the Hulu app and press the “Update” button.

7. The updating process will take a while. After that, launch the Hulu app. The Hulu error 94 will have been settled. 

Update Hulu Application on Android TV:

You can update the Hulu application on your Android TV in these 4 steps.

1. When your Android TV is on, press the “Home Button” located on the remote. 

2. In the “Apps” option, go to the “Google Play Store”.

3. Now, click on “Auto-Update Apps” and then tap “Auto-Update Apps at any time”.

4. After the updating process is complete, open the Hulu application and check whether the error 94 Hulu persists. 

Update Hulu Application on Apple Devices:

Here is the 5-step procedure you need to update Hulu on your iPhone and iPad.

1. Open the “Apple Store” on your iPhone and iPad. 

2. Next, tap on “Updates”.

3. Find any updates available for the Hulu app.

4. Now, click on “Update” next to Hulu.

5. Allow some time for the app to get updated. Then try the Hulu app to see whether the Hulu error code 94 has been fixed. 

Update Hulu Application on Apple TV:

Updating Hulu on Apple TV is a quick procedure and can be performed in just 5 steps. 

1. Go to “Settings” on your Apple TV.

2. The second step is to choose “Apps”.

3. Next, tap on the “Automatically Update Apps” button. 

4. When the updates get installed, press this button again to turn it off.

5. The last step is to play any video on Hulu. The Hulu loading error 94 will have vanished. 

Fix 4: Update Device Software

Earlier we read that when the Hulu app is not updated, the error 94 on Hulu can be a possible outcome. Similar to that, when the software of your streaming device gets outdated, you are likely to face this error. So, we will suggest you to update the software of your device to avoid the Hulu error code error 94.

Fix 5: Power-cycle Your Device

When you power-cycle your Hulu streaming device, you troubleshoot any bugs that could possibly be disrupting the functioning of this app. That means using this approach, you can troubleshoot the error 94 Hulu too. Learn how to power-cycle your device to troubleshoot the Hulu loading error 94 in 7 steps.

1. Unplug your router.

2. Unplug the device on which you are streaming the Hulu app. 

3. Now, press the “Power” button of your device and keep holding it for 15 seconds.

4. Next, release the “Power” button and plug in the device.

5. Plug in the router again. 

6. Wait for the router and streaming device to power on. 

7. Now, launch the Hulu app and play any movie. The Hulu error code 94 will have been troubleshot. 

Fix 6: Force Stop to Close Application

When the Hulu app is not closed properly on the device, the functions in the background can cause interference and trigger the Hulu error code 94. Force-stopping the app will close it completely and also disable the functions in the background. Let us see the procedures given here to force stop Hulu on Xbox One, Windows 10 systems, and Firestick.

Force Stop Hulu on Xbox One:

The procedure to force stop Hulu on Xbox One can be completed in only 5 steps. Let’s take a look. 

1. Tap the “Xbox” button on the controller. This will open the guide.

2. Next, you have to highlight the Hulu app on the sidebar. 

3. Then tap the “Menu” button on the controller.

4. The fourth step is to press “Quit”.

5. Start the Hulu app after some time to ensure that the Hulu error 94 Xbox One has been cleared. 

Force Stop Hulu on Windows 10:

Now, let us see how to force stop Hulu on a Windows 10 computer and laptop. This method is just 6 steps long.

1. On the keyboard, press the “Ctrl” key, the “Shift” key, the “Esc” key together. This will launch the “Task Manager”. 

2. Tap on the “More details” button in the Task Manager window. 

3. Now, click on the “Processes” tab. 

4. Then go to the “App” section and tap “Hulu”.

5. Next, click the “End task” button. This will force stop the Hulu app.

6. Open the Hulu app after a while and play any video. The Hulu error 94 will not bother you now. 

Force Stop Hulu on Firestick:

You can force stop the Hulu app on Firestick using these 5 steps.

1. First, open the “Settings”.

2. Now, click on “Applications”.

3. Then click on the “Hulu” app.

4. Next, press “Force Stop”.

5. Launch the app after a few minutes to check that the Hulu error 94 Firestick has been cleared. 

Fix 7: Clear Cache

We discussed earlier in the blog that corrupt cache as a result of the launched configurations can surface the error 94 Hulu. So, clearing the cache can be one easy fix for this problem. Now, we will tell you how to troubleshoot the Hulu loading error 94 by clearing the cache on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Clear Cache on Xbox One:

Let us see how to clear the Hulu error 94 Xbox One by removing the cache in 8 steps.

1. Open the “Xbox Home” menu on the device.

2. Tap on “My Games and Apps”.

3. Then you have to press “Apps”.

4. The next step is to choose the “Hulu” tile.

5. Now, on your Xbox One controller, tap the “Menu” button to open “More options”.

6. Next, you have to open the “Manage App”.

7. Tap on “Saved data” to remove the cache on Xbox One.

8. Lastly, open “Hulu”. Play a movie. The Xbox Hulu error 94 will not interrupt now.

Clear Cache on Windows 10:

Take a look at the 7 steps to clear the cache on your Windows 10 computer.

1. Press the “Windows” key on your system’s keyboard.

2. Now, click on “Settings”.

3. The third step is to go to “Apps” under “Settings”.

4. The “Apps & Features” window will open up now. A list of the apps installed on your Windows 10 computer will be visible here. Find and click “Hulu”.

5. Next, go to “Advanced options” after clicking on “Hulu”.

6. Then press the “Reset” button. When you tap “Reset”, the saved data will be cleared.

7. The final step is to open the app and check for the Hulu error code 94.

Fix 8: Reinstall Hulu App

Another helpful solution is to uninstall and then reinstall the application to resolve the Hulu error 94. Now, we will guide you with the procedure to reinstall the Hulu app on Xbox One and Windows 10. 

Reinstall Hulu on Xbox One:

Know how to reinstall Hulu on Xbox One in just 9 quick steps. 

1. Go to “Main Menu” on Xbox One.

2. Next, you have to highlight the “Hulu” tile. 

3. Now, select “Manage App”.

4. Then you have to choose “Internal”.

5. After that, click on “Uninstall”.

6. Now, power-cycle Xbox One.

7. The seventh step is to open the “Store” on your device. 

8. Search the “Hulu” app and install it again. 

9. Check the app for the Hulu error 94 after it gets reinstalled. 

Reinstall Hulu on Windows 10:

Using this procedure, you can reinstall Hulu on your Windows 10 computer or laptop. 

1. Press the “Start” button on your system’s keyboard.

2. Next, tap on “Settings”.

3. Now, go to “Apps” and open the “Apps & features” window.

4. Locate and click on the Hulu application. 

5. Now, press the “Uninstall” button.

6. After Hulu has been uninstalled, go to the “Microsoft Store”.

7. Search the “Hulu” application.

8. Press the “Get” button to reinstall Hulu.

9. Now, open the app. The error 94 Hulu will have been fixed after reinstalling.

Drawing to a Close

This was the most informative tour about the Hulu error 94. We learnt multiple solutions to clear away the Hulu error on multiple devices. Tell us which solution you liked the most and don’t forget to share this informative piece. Thank you for reading!

Apart from the Hulu loading error 94, if ever the Hulu error code p dev320 or the Hulu error code rununk13 interferes with your streaming device, then all you need is our helpful guides for troubleshooting it. 

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