How to Fix Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging

How to Fix Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging

Is the problem of the Asus laptop battery not charging bothering you? Are you afraid that you will lose the work you were doing? Before your fear turns into being real, we will highly advise you to read our blog. For the users of Asus laptops Windows 8 and Windows 10, we have found out the methods to resolve various kinds of battery problems. 

From the battery percentage not increasing to the battery not getting fully charged on your Asus laptop, explore the solutions for all such battery issues with us. 

Causes of Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging Windows 8 and Windows 10

For issues like the battery laptop Asus not charging, not getting fully charged, plugged in but not charging, or not charging at all, we have many methods to fix. Before that, checking the causes of such problems will be an excellent idea. 

Here we have mentioned 4 causes of these Windows 8 and Windows 10 Asus laptop battery problems. Let’s read these causes one by one. 

1. Issues with the battery of your Asus laptop Windows 8 or Windows 10 can occur when there is some problem with the hardware. 

2. Sometimes the peripheral devices connected to your Asus laptop can cause problems with the battery charging. As a result, the battery of your Asus laptop may not complete charge or may not get charged at all.

3. Did you install the latest updates for your laptop’s battery driver? If not, then you can guess what is causing the battery charging issues with your Windows 8 or Windows 10 laptop. 

4. If your Asus laptop has an updated battery driver but the updates were correctly installed, then also you will encounter this problem.

Methods to Fix Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging Problem

We have 4 methods for issues like battery not charging, charger plugged in but not charging or battery not fully charging laptop Asus. Depending on what is causing such issues on your Asus laptop, we will suggest you which method to use. 

Now, let us read ahead and understand these methods in detail. 

Method 1: Fix Hardware for Asus Laptop Battery Plugged in Not Charging

If your Asus laptop battery says plugged in charging but not charging, then that could be hinting towards a damaged AC adapter. If not the adapter, then the cables may have got damaged. 

To check the exact problem, you can look at the 4 steps below. Do these steps to resolve the battery issues without wasting any time. 

  • Turn on your Asus laptop.
  • Now, while you are connecting the charger, ensure that the AC adapter is properly plugged in.
  • Also, inspect your adapter for any damages.
  • Lastly, check the cables. No cable should be in a poor or damaged condition.

Now, the problem of Asus laptop X551M battery not charging but plugged in will not occur. In case the problem persists, your adapter or the cables may have received damages. Try replacing the adapter of the cables to resolve the battery problem. 

Method 2: Power Reset for Asus Laptop Battery Not Fully Charging

For the problem of the Asus laptop battery not holding charge, not getting fully charged, or is not getting charged at all, you can try this method. We will show you how to power reset your Asus laptop for removing such a battery problem in this method.

Note: You will be required to turn off your Asus laptop in this method. If you have been doing something very urgent or you were in the midst of a task, then please save your work. Or else, you may lose it.

  • Disconnect all the peripheral devices connected to your Asus laptop. 
  • Ensure that no USB, speakers, or other such devices have been connected to your laptop.
  • Next, disconnect the AC adapter charger as well.
  • Get a screwdriver. 
  • Turn over your laptop and, using the screwdriver, remove the screws at the back.

Note: If you have a model of Asus that comes with an irremovable battery, then you can skip the step listed above.  

  • Remove the battery of your laptop.
remove battery -Asus Laptop Battery Not Charginga
  • Turn over your laptop to access the front.
  • Then press its “Power” button for at least 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect the AC adapter charger to your Asus laptop. Also, place back the parts that you removed during the process.
  • 10. Now, turn on your Asus laptop normally.

When the procedure for power resetting your device has been successfully done by you, the issue of the Asus laptop battery will not charge, will not hold a charge, or will not get fully charged will surely get fixed. 

Method 3: Update Battery Driver for Asus Laptop Battery Charger Not Working

If you suspect that the problem of the Asus ROG laptop battery not charging is occurring due to the battery charger not working, then that may not be the exact cause. A battery driver devoid of the latest updates may be causing you to face this problem. While some of you may be having an updated battery driver in your Asus laptop, the updates may not have been installed correctly. This too can cause such a problem. 

One of the best fixes for this battery problem will be to remove the battery driver from your Asus laptop. And then install the updated battery driver in the correct manner. Let us see what all steps you need to do for performing this fix. 

  • Click on “Start” when your Asus laptop is on.
  • Right-click on “My Computer”.
  • Click on “Properties”.
  • Access the “Hardware” tab.
  • Choose “Device Manager”.
  • Under “Batteries”, right-click on “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery”.
  • Click on “Uninstall”. Now, you will not see the battery in the list.
  • For installing the updated battery driver, go to the “Action Menu”.
  • Choose “Scan for hardware changes”. Now, the updated battery driver will be visible. 

The Asus gaming laptop battery not charging problem will not be encountered by you. With the latest updates, the battery driver that you recently installed will prevent your system from encountering such an issue in the future. 

Method 4: Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging Windows 10

Many of you may be having the Asus laptop with Windows 10 in it. The problem of the Asus laptop battery not charging fully or not charging to 100 per cent may not be an exception to your device as well. If you are seeing this problem right now, then you can easily fix it from the Control Panel of your Asus laptop Windows 10. Below, we have explained what all you will have to do to fix the problem in just 12 steps. 

  • Turn on your Asus laptop Windows 10.
  • Go to “Start”. 
  • Choose “Control Panel”.
  • Now, click on “Device Manager”.
  • Select the category of “Batteries”.
  • Right-click to choose the “Microsoft ACPI-compliant Control Method Battery”.
  • Click on “Uninstall”.
  • Now, shut down your laptop.
  • Remove the battery of your laptop safely and carefully.
  • Press its “Power” button and hold it for at least 60 seconds. 
  • Carefully insert the battery back into your Asus laptop Windows 10.
  • Now, simply turn on your laptop.

Now that this 12-step procedure is over, we are sure that you are not seeing the problem of Asus laptop battery not charging to 100 or not getting completely charged.


Did you enjoy learning with us the various methods for how to fix Asus laptop battery not charging? We too enjoyed helping you out! Let us know which method worked the best for you. We will await your comments in the comment section down there.
Is there anything else that we can help you with? Do you need great guidance for Asus boot from USB methods? Or are you unable to figure out why you are facing the Asus laptop sound not working problem? Read our posts to get such problems fixed as soon as possible.

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3 years ago

If your computer does not work then there may be an issue with the charger or the power port on your computer. You will want to double-check all connections, and the power source (wall outlet) you are using. If the problem persists this may be a sign of a faulty charger or the computers power port.