How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi Easily

How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi Easily

Do you want to learn how to connect Canon printer to wifi in the easiest ways? Smile bright because you have landed on the perfect place for all the help you need. We will make it simple for you to connect your Canon printer to Wifi on your Windows system, Mac, and Apple devices. And if you’re a new Canon printer user, then this guide will surely be of great help to you!

Note for Readers: Before we begin discussing the methods for how to connect Canon printer to WiFi, here is something for you to note. The standard connection method and the WPS methods are commonly used for connecting a Canon printer to the wifi. It will be a good idea to ensure that your Canon printer has the facilities needed for both these methods.

How do i Connect my Canon Printer to a New Wireless Network?

We will study 4 methods to connect Canon printer to WiFi. These include connecting the Canon printer to wifi via the Control Panel, Canon Print app, WPS method, and the standard connection method. These methods have been explained in detail below. 

Method 1: Connect Canon MG3620 to WiFi from Device’s Control Panel

In this method, we will teach you how to connect Canon wireless printer to WiFi from the Control Panel of the device. This method can be performed in only 9 steps.

1. Turn on your Canon printer by pressing the “Power” button.

2. Now, tap the “Settings” button.

3. Tap the arrow button to select the “Device” settings and press “Ok”.

4. Keep pressing the arrow button and you will find the “LAN” settings. Then press “Ok”.

5. Press the arrow button again. Keep pressing it till you see the “Wireless LAN setup”. Then press “Ok”. The light will blink and your device will look for a wifi network

6. In case your device takes too long to search for the wifi network, press “Stop”. It will take you to the “Wireless LAN setup” or the “standard setup”. Then you have to press “Ok”.

7. Tap the arrow button till you see the wifi network. Then press “Ok”.

8. Now, fill in the “Password” for the wifi and tap “Ok”.

9. When you see “Connected” on the display of your Canon printer, press “Ok”.

This is one of the simplest methods for how to connect Canon Pixma printer to WiFi. Using this method, you can connect your printer to wifi within minutes. Just in case this fails to work, move on to the second method. 

Method 2: Canon Print App for Wireless Canon Printer

Here is another genius method for how to connect printer to WiFi Canon. For those of you who want to connect your wireless Canon printer to your Mac, Apple devices, or your Windows system via wifi, we will suggest you install the “Canon Print” app. Once you download the app, your printer will get easily connected to your system and that too in less time. 

Method 3: Connect Canon Pixma to WiFi via WPS Method

Many of you may be looking for how to connect Canon printer to WiFi without CD. In this section, you can learn how to connect your Canon printer to WiFi via the WPS method that requires no CD. Using this method, you can connect the device to wifi on Windows as well as Mac. The WPS method can be performed in just 6 steps. Take a look at these below. 

1. First, turn on your Canon printer.

2. To reach the WPS button easily, keep the router near your printer.

3. Press the “Wifi” button on your printer and hold it until the light gets on.

4. Now, you have to wait for at least 2 minutes. 

5. Then press the “WPS” button located on the router. The blue wifi light will get on until the network is found. Once the wifi and the power lights become still, the wireless network will get connected. 

6. Now, give a command to print a test page and ensure that the device is working properly. 

Method 4: Connect Canon Printer to Wifi via Standard Connection

Are you thinking “how to connect my Canon printer to wifi via the standard connection method?” Does it also seem complex to you? Below you will find easy step-by-step instructions for the network settings, things you need to do before the setup, and the procedures to connect your printer to wifi on Windows and Mac. 

For Network Settings:

1. First, connect your system to your Canon printer.

2. Now, add papers to the input tray of your Canon printer.

3. Tap the “Resume” or “Cancel” button and hold it for a while.

4. Verify the connection status on the information page printed. 

5. Also, ensure that the network name is the same. 

Things to Do Before Setup:

1. Switch on your Canon printer.

2. Ensure that it is properly connected to your system.

3. Get an Ethernet cable in case of a wired connection.

4. Install all the essential drivers on your system.

5. To check the speed, connect your Canon printer to the internet.

6. If you have a router, ensure that your printer and system are connected to it.

Setup for Windows:

1. Open the “Start” menu and then click on the “Settings”.

2. Click on “Devices”. 

3. Select the option “Printers and Scanners”.

4. Click on “Add a printer or scanner”.

5. When your Canon printer gets added, connect it to the network on which the device is.

Setup for Mac:

1. On your Mac, go to “System preferences”.

2. Click on “Printers & scanners”.

3. To add your Canon printer, press the “+” symbol.

4. Select your Canon printer from the list and then add it.

5. If you have a router, you will need to connect your Mac and Canon printer to the same network.

6. Now, try a test print to see that the connection is successful.

Note: Among the several methods shown here for how to connect Canon printer to WiFi, the standard connection method is great for users who lack the WPS feature in their routers. 

How to Connect Wireless Canon Printer to Computer?

Once your Canon printer gets connected to the wifi, you will need to connect it to the computer for greater use. For this, you can follow the three steps shown below. 

1. On the system’s keyboard, press the “Windows” key together with the “R” key.

2. Type “control/name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters” in the “Run” box and hit the “Enter” key.

How to Connect Canon Pixma Printer to Wifi

3. Then click on “Add a printer and go through the instructions on your screen.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi

Model-specific Methods for Connecting Canon Printer to Wifi

Now, we will tell you how to connect model-specific Canon printers to wifi. Make sure that you read the steps for these models correctly so as to establish a successful connection. 

How to Connect Canon Pixma Printer to Wifi?

In this part of the blog, you can learn how to connect Canon Pixma to wifi through a wireless LAN connection. The simple procedure to do so has been shown below. 

1. Press and hold the device’s “Wi-Fi” button.

2. Release the “Wi-Fi” button when the “On lamp” flashes.

3. Now, press and hold the “Black” button.

4. The next step is to quickly tap the “Wi-Fi” button.

5. Check that the “Wi-Fi lamp” is flashing and the “On lamp” too is lit.

6. Now, press the button on the “Wireless router”. Continue to press it for at least 2 minutes.

7. Ensure that the “On lamp” and “Wi-Fi lamp” are on.

8. In case the alarm gets lit, select “Troubleshooting”.

9. Once your Canon Pixma Printer gets connected to the wifi, you can use it. 

How Do I Connect My Canon MG3520 Printer to Wifi?

By connecting your Canon MG3520 Printer to wifi, you can enjoy greater advantages. For this purpose, you can use the Canon Print app. In case you don’t know how to set up your printer to a wireless network via the Canon Print app, you can read the steps mentioned here. 

1. Go to the “App Store” on your iOS device.

2. Press the “Search” button.

3. Key in “Canon Print” and hit the “Search” button.

4. You will see the “Canon Print” app. Download it. 

5. After the installation of the app, you will need to set up your Canon MG3520 Printer. For this, turn on your printer and ensure that the green light is on.

6. The blue “Wifi” light on your printer will flash. In case it doesn’t, press the “Wifi” button and wait for the amber alarm light to flash two times. Release the “Wifi” button afterwards. 

7. Now, the “Wifi” light will blink and the “On” light will be up. 

8. Next, open the “Canon Print” app.

9. Follow the on-screen instructions of the app.

10. On the main screen of the Canon printer, press the icon of “Add printer”.

11. Click on “Register printer”.

12. Now, tap on “Printer setup”.

13. Select the option “Connect via wireless router”.

14. You will see a screen. Connect the wifi of your device to the “Canon IJ setup network”.

15. Exit the “Canon Print” app and open the “Settings” of your iOS device.

16. Tap on “Wifi” under the “Settings”.

17. Connect to the “IJ setup network”.

18. After connecting it, go to the “Canon print screen” and press “Ok”.

19. Select the Wireless network/access point name.

20. Fill in the password for the wireless network and press “Ok”.

21. The network settings will be sent to your Canon printer. Then a message will appear. Press “Ok”.

22. Verify the printer and select its name. Then the printer will be connected to your iOS device. 

23. A message will appear on your screen. Press “Ok” and the setup will be complete.

How to Connect Canon MG3600 Printer to Wifi?

Let us check out the best procedure for Canon MG3600 connect to WiFi. Connecting the Canon MG3600 Printer to wifi is an easy process. If you too have this printer and want to add wifi to it, then just go through the following 8 steps. 

1. Turn on your Canon MG3600 Printer.

2. Check whether the “Wi-Fi lamp” is flashing on the device.

3. If “Wi-Fi lamp” is flashing, tap the “Stop” button.

4. Now, tap the device’s “Wi-Fi” button and hold it. Release the “Wi-Fi” button when you see the “On lamp” flash.

5. Pressing the “Color” button is the fifth step. 

6. Next, tap the “Wi-Fi” button.

7. See to it that the “Wi-Fi lamp” quickly flashes. Also, the “On lamp” should be lit.

8. Then continue with the setup by returning to the application screen.

Note: This method for how to connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi can be also used for other models of this series. So, you can use this procedure for Canon MG3620 Printer and Canon MG3650 Printer as well.

How to Connect Canon Pixma MG2900 Printer to Wifi?

Connecting Canon Pixma printer to WiFi requires less effort. You can connect your Canon Pixma MG2900 Printer to the wifi by following the 7 steps given below. These steps can be performed in less time. 

1. The button on the access point should be ready to tap.

2. Press the “Wi-Fi” button on your Canon Pixma MG2900 Printer.

3. Release the “Wi-Fi” button when the “Alarm lamp” flashes once. 

4. Check that the “Alarm lamp” quickly flashes and also the “On lamp” is lit. 

5. Press the button on the access point. Hold it for a while. 

6. Ensure that the “On lamp” and “Wi-Fi lamp” are lit.

7. If the “Alarm lamp” gets lit, go to “Troubleshooting”.

How to Connect Canon MG6821 Printer to Wifi?

This 16-step procedure will help you to connect your Canon MG6821 Printer to your wifi easily. Take a look at this well-explained procedure.

1. Ensure that your Canon MG6821 is turned on.

2. Press “setup”.

3. Select “Wireless LAN setup”.

4. Choose your “Wireless network” from the list of networks detected.

5. You will be asked to fill in your “Wifi password” and press “Ok”.

6. Then connection setup will finish when you press “Ok”. The “Wi-Fi” icon will flash on your device when the connection with the router has been established. 

7. Then install the printer driver and bundled software for your device. For this, insert the CD provided with your Canon printer to begin the setup.

8. Click on “Next” on your screen.

9. When the printer gets detected, click on “Next” again. 

10. Choose your location and press “Next”.

11. Select your country and click on “Next”.

12. Check the “MP drivers” from the software installation list and click “Next”.

13. Accept the “License agreement” and press “Yes”.

14. Agree with the install wizard processes and hit “Next”.

15. When the processes are over, click on “Complete”.

16. Now, press “Next” and then click on “Exit”.

What to Do When Canon Printer won’t Connect to Wifi?

When you don’t succeed in connecting your Canon printer to the wifi network on your system, there could be some printing issues. In the upcoming sections, you can find 4 solutions to resolve these printer issues and connect the device to wifi smoothly. 

Fix 1: Use Network Troubleshooter to Detect Printer Issues

Certain users often wonder “How do I connect my Canon printer to WiFi by resolving the printer issues”. Windows users can utilize the in-built Network Troubleshooter to detect the printing issues. Here are the steps to use this tool on your system.

1. First, right-click on the icon of “Network”.

2. Launch the “Network Troubleshooter”.

3. Click on “Troubleshoot problems”.

4. Wait for the troubleshooting process to begin. 

5. Once the process is successful, you will be notified. 

Note: If the Canon printer is not connecting to wifi on Mac, then the “Network Diagnostics” tool will be of great help. 

Fix 2: Check Wireless Network Connectivity

Any issues with the wireless connectivity will also halt your Canon printer from being connected to the wifi on your system. To escape these issues, try the 11 tips given here. 

1. Ensure that your wifi network is working and the devices have been connected to it.

2. There should be no restrictions to connectivity.

3. Check the internet speed. It should not be slow.

4. The wifi network on your Canon printer must be on.

5. Ensure that the wifi connection is not restricted on your system.

6. See to it that the correct printer has been added to your system and set as the default one.

7. Your system must not be in the “Airplane mode”.

8. Keep the router near the devices.

9. In case of a wired connection, the USB must be properly connected.

10. In case of a wireless connection, the option “Connect via wireless” should be selected.

11. The username and password of the wireless network must be correct.

Fix 3: Restart Wifi Network

For a Canon printer not connecting to wifi, restarting the entire wifi network can work as a helpful fix. This process will help you establish a new connection with the ISP. Here is the right way to restart the entire wifi network. 

1. Remove the power supply from your router and modem.

2. Wait for at least 30 seconds.

3. Now, connect the router and modem to power supply.

4. Turn on the devices and wait for the LED lights to become stable.

5. Now reboot your system as well as your Canon printer.

6. Connect your Canon printer to the wifi network again. It will get connected now. 

Fix 4: Check Canon Printer Driver

A faulty printer driver could also be the reason for your Canon printer not connecting to the wifi network on your system. These 5 tips will help you ensure that the Canon printer driver has been rightly installed and has no issues. 

1. You must have the correct printer driver and software versions on your computer or laptop.

2. If the version of the Canon printer driver is correct, uninstall and then reinstall it via the CD provided to fix any bugs.

3. In case you do not have a CD, visit the official website of Canon to download the printer driver.

4. Keep the Canon printer driver updated. An outdated version will restrict the functionality.

5. Restart your Canon printer and reboot your system after the driver has been reinstalled. 

Note: We hope these 4 fixes help you to resolve the issues and connect Canon printer to wifi. However, if at all these don’t seem to work for you, then there could be a problem with your ISP or modem. So, check that the “Default gateway” and “IP address” are correct. Use the “Network Adapter Troubleshooter” to ensure that the “Network adapter” has no errors. Find out the best troubleshooting Measures for the canon printers.

Canon Printer Models Compatible with Our Methods

The methods and solutions provided in this blog can be used for the following models of the Canon MG Printer series. 

Canon MG2520 Printer Canon MG2522 Printer Canon MG2550s Printer
Canon MG2920 PrinterCanon MG2922 PrinterCanon MG3000 Printer
Canon MG3022 Printer Canon MG3120 Printer Canon MG3250 Printer

Our methods as well as solutions can help you connect wifi to the following models of the Canon MX Printer series too. 

Canon MX340 PrinterCanon MX470 PrinterCanon MX472 PrinterCanon MX490 Printer 
Canon MX492 Printer Canon MX532 PrinterCanon MX922 Printer

You can use these methods and solutions to connect wifi to the Canon TS Printer models shown in the given table. 

Canon TS3100 PrinterCanon TS3120 PrinterCanon TS3122 Printer Canon TS6020 Printer Canon TS6120 Printer

Our Concluding Thoughts

Setting up the wireless network on your Canon printer was easy, wasn’t it? We put in our sincere efforts to make the procedures simple to understand. If you found this blog really helpful, then show us some love. Share this blog with your friends and help them set up the wireless network on their Canon printers too. 

Have a look at our related blog posts as well. Our informative blogs on Canon printer offline and how to scan documents on a Canon printer have helped multiple Canon users to find the solutions they seek. You too can benefit from these blog posts. Click to read! 

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4 years ago

It is a very helpful post for me. Thank you for sharing this. I have easily connected my printer with wifi with the help of this post. Thank you for sharing this post.
4 years ago

There is also another method which you can sometimes use when your wireless printer does not have a display and buttons which you could use to enter the details of your home wireless network, and you cannot use WPS buttons either. Some wireless printers can also connect to your router via an Ethernet network cable. In such a situation, the printer gets an

Rose McCarthy
3 years ago
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I have connected HP and Brother printers but cannot manage this one. What is the access point ? There is NO display on the printer so I cannot connect it. The info / arrow button doesn’t actually give any info ? What am I missing ? Ready to return it. It’s an iP8750 and I have a Mac so downloaded and installed from the internet as the CD was for windows….