How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0xc0000022

How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0xc0000022

While turning on the Windows 10, Error Code 0xc0000022 is one of the most common error that user encounters and cannot start the application correctly. If you have presently installed any Adobe programs, and encounter an error message while starting the application, then our technical experts are actively available for 24 hours. The error may stay even if you choose to reinstall the Adobe application. This also occurs to Microsoft Office software like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word even after upgrading to windows 10.

Symptoms of 0xc0000022 error code

This issue is generally caused by an access error triggered either by particular software or by Windows itself.

The error code can be prompted by the following message:

  • Files that are damaged or have accessibility problems
  • Intervention with safety software
  • Lost DLL file

Causes of “The Application Was Unable to Start Correctly 0xc0000022″ error code   

This error code occurs as a consequence of numerous reason:

  • Access permissions are set wrongly: The most general cause of this error code is a Windows software that is unable to use the other files that are essential for it to function.
  • Computer files are corrupted or damaged: The other cause is a system file that became damage due to disk write error.

Resolution to fix Windows 10 Error Code “The Application Was Unable to Start Correctly 0xc0000022″    

Method 1: Verify for access issues

If the 0xc0000022 error code is prompt by a particular software and you are capable to recognize the software, then verify for its access configuration to assure they are set appropriately. Follow these steps to perform:

  • Right-click on the software that prompted the error code.
  • Choose the Properties
  • Click the Security tab
  • Change access for all the Power Users, Administrators, and System to Permit Full Control
  • Click to Apply

Method II: Run as administrator

  • If you want to run as an administration, you could modify the “Compatibility” stuff of the EXE files
  • Choose the“Run this program as an administrator”, if you wish to change the effect of all the users, choose “Change settings for all users”.
  • This solution functions if all users have an administrator account.

Method III: Access full control

  • Search the Procedure Monitor and log on for “ACCESS DENIED” to identify the file causing the error.
  • Direct to that file in File Explorer or Windows Explorer
  • Right-click the desired file and click Properties
  • Select the Security tab.
  • You might receive the message “You might Read access to view the properties of this object.” Irrespective of message display or not, select the advanced button.
  • Click the Add option and type the username for the critical user account.
  • Highlights the dialogue box “Full control” and click OK.
  • Run the Autodesk product that occurs the error.
  • There may be numerous files with access issues, so if the error continues to follow the next time.

Method IV: Verify for DLLs with access issues

If the error code is caused by the DLL file, you can recognize the file prompted this error by installing and operating the Procedure Monitor tool from the Microsoft:

  • Download and run the Monitor tool Process
  • Run the software that prompted the 0xc0000022 error code
  • Wait till the error display
  • Click the desired File
  • Choose  Capture Events
  • Choose Filter to open Monitor Filter Process
  • Clean all the lines that interrupt the application and caused this error code
  • Look for the events with the outcome column as “ACCESS DENIED”

Method V: Resolve the failed file accesses

  • Run the Monitor software downloaded Process from the Microsoft website
  • After the downloading process complete, and then run the “Procmon.exe”.
  • It will be logging all the processes automatically and the registry or file operation try to perform.
  • After some inquiry, find out the damaged file.
  • You can fix them by searching for “Denied” and clicking on it.

“You get contact support from technical professional”

Following with the above resolution explained above accordingly to Fix Windows 10 Error Code “The Application Was Unable to Start Correctly 0xc0000022″, we are positive that you are easily enabled to fix the issue. However, if the problem still continues and not able to rectify the error, then our certified technical team are extremely talented to solve any critical error with absolute perfection. They are well-trained with an advanced trick and standardized technology.

You can directly contact at toll-free helpline number +1-866-496-0452 easily accessible for 24×7 or mail at our official mail ID You can also chat via Online Chat Support.

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