Fixing Netflix Code UI-800-2 on Samsung , LG Smart TV,Roku, and More

Fixing Netflix Code UI-800-2 on Samsung , LG Smart TV,Roku, and More

Finding errors like the ui-800-2 code on Netflix can affect your experience. This particular error can point towards hardware-related issues in your streaming device. The users of Netflix may also find this problem when the internet connection is poor. For fixing the Netflix code UI-800-2 on your smart device, you can identify the cause. Afterward, you can execute a suitable fix. In our suggestion, you can always restart your gaming console or smart television on which you are using Netflix. Likewise, you can sign out and sign in to the Netflix app to remove the ui-800-2 error code. 

For more assistance for troubleshooting this Netflix error on a smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Roku, Blu-ray player, streaming media player, and Set-top Box, you can read more.

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What Does Code UI-800-2 Mean on Netflix?

The code ui-800-2 on the movie-streaming application, Netflix, suggests that there is a need for refreshing the information kept on your device. This information will be inclusive of your data as well as the cache of Netflix. Usually, you can encounter this Netflix error on your Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Roku, Blu-ray Player, any other Smart TV or device. On certain devices, you may find the message “Couldn’t Connect to Netflix: Code UI-800-2” as well.

What Causes the Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error?

Here, you can take a look at the 6 common causes of the ui-800-2 error on Netflix:

  • An improper internet connection may be resulting in it.
  • An error with the connectivity of your device can affect the performance of Netflix and cause this error.
  • A bug in the Netflix app may be responsible for it.
  • You may be seeing the code Netflix ui-800-2 due to a hardware or a software error with your device.
  • The Netflix app cache, when not cleared, can display this issue.
  • You may be experiencing it due to any Netflix account restrictions.

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error?

Checking the connection of the internet should be the first fix to implement on your device. While using its application or website, the ui-800-2 error code may emerge due to internet issues. Additionally, you can start over your wifi and then launch Netflix. For more assistance, you can try removing the data of the Netflix application. Lastly, it is possible that your device may be carrying a fault. You can get it checked, repaired, or replaced by communicating with its manufacturer.

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

Check internet - netflix error code ui 800 2

An improper internet connection is the most obvious cause behind seeing the nethelp code ui-800-2 on your streaming device. So, when you have an improper internet connection, not only Netflix but you will not be able to use any other applications too. Therefore, you should first check that your internet connection is working without any fault. A faulty connection should be replaced or repaired by connecting with your internet service provider. 

Fix 2: Restart Your Wi-Fi

Your internet connection may be appropriately working. However, some unidentified issue in your wifi may be leading to the ui-800-2 error while streaming Netflix. Restarting your wifi will be suggested. You can turn it off along with removing its plug. After a minute, you can plug it into the power source and start it. After restarting the wifi, use Netflix.

  • First, turn off your wifi and remove its plug from the power source.
unplug- netflix code ui 800 2
  • Let the wifi be off for at least a minute.
  • Now, turn on your wifi and again wait for one minute.
  • Next, open your device and launch “Netflix”. The code ui-800-2 on Netflix will have been swiped away.

Fix 3: Clear the Netflix App Data

Troubleshooting the error Netflix ui-800-2 can be possible by clearing the data of the application. On your device, head to the Settings and find General. Then select Applications and go to Manage Applications. Here, you have to pick Netflix open Storage. Choose the Clear Storage/Data option. Wait for the data to be successfully cleared. 

In our opinion, you can run Netflix to be sure of the effect of this fix.

  • On your device, go to the “Home” screen.
  • Tap on “Settings”.
  • Now, choose “General”. 

Note: Move to the fourth step provided that this option is not found.

  • Next, click on “Apps” or “Applications”.
  • The fifth step is to click on “Manage Applications”. 

Note: Your device may have this option by a different name, such as “Manage All Apps” or “Application Manager”. Presuming that you cannot find any of these options, move to the sixth step.

  • Now, you have to scroll down and tap on “Netflix”. 

Note: On scrolling further, you may be unable to find “Netflix” on your device. Then you can look for the same in the “Downloaded” tab.

  • Next, click on the “Storage” option. 

Note: You can move to the eighth step if this option is not available.

  • Click on “Clear Storage” or “Clear Data” and confirm by hitting “Ok”.
  • Allow some time for the Netflix data to be cleared on your device.
  • Access the “Netflix” app after the data is cleared. The Netflix error ui-800-2 will not be in your way anymore.

Caution: This fix is handy to pull out an error like the code ui-800-2 from your device. However, it will be helpful to know that while clearing the app data, any titles downloaded by you on your device will also be deleted. 

Fix 4: Contact Device Manufacturer

Despite performing all the fixes that we have shared in this blog, if you are still disappointed by the Netflix code ui-800-2 error, then let us tell you that there could be a hardware or a software error in your device. The manufacturer of your device can help you with that. That is why we will suggest that you get in touch with the manufacturer of your streaming device at the earliest. 

Can I Fix the Error UI-800-2 Netflix on a Smart TV?

When the smart TVf users come to terms with the error ui-800-2 on Netflix, restarting the device should be done at first. You can keep the television unplugged for a complete minute to remove the cause of the error. For resolving this Netflix error, you can also sign out of your account on the device. After some time, you can try signing in again to stream Netflix.

The details needed for restarting your smart television or signing out of Netflix can be found by reading further.

Fix 1: Restart Smart TV

Facing the Netflix error ui-800-2 on your smart TV may indicate that your device is carrying unresolved issues. The user can prefer restarting the TV for resolving these issues. In the beginning, you can remove the plug of your television for 60 seconds. For the next 5 seconds, tap its Power button. Now, plug it in the power socket. Following this, the user needs to start Netflix. Playing any video on it without encountering the ui-800-2 error would mean that this fix has been successful on your smart TV.

  • The basic step is to unplug your TV for at least a minute.
pulg in -netflix error code ui 800 2 samsung smart tv
  • Keep it unplugged and press its “Power” button for 5 seconds. 

Note: Administering this step will completely discharge the smart TV. Also, remember that If your smart TV does not have a “Power” button, then you can keep it unplugged for at least 3 minutes.

  • Now, plug in the TV again.
  • Start “Netflix”.
  • Then try streaming a movie on “Netflix”.

Fix 2: Sign Out and Sign in to Netflix on Smart TV

Dealing with an error such as the nethelp code ui-800-2 can be quick only by signing out and signing in again on your Smart TV. You would have often seen an option stating either More Info or More Details on this streaming service. Using the same, the Settings can be reached. Before signing out, press Reset. After some time, you can sign in again. 

  • Click “More Info” or “More Details” on the Netflix error screen of your device. Alternatively, you can click on “Settings” or the gear icon in case “More Info” or “More Details” is not available on your screen.
  • Now, click on “Reset”. If the “Reset” option is not available, then choose “Sign Out” or “Deactivate”.
  • Then you will be signed out. “Sign in” to your Netflix account again. 

The ui-800-2 Netflix smart TV error will have been fixed after signing in again. To be sure, you can play any video of your choice. Your TV not getting struck by this error would mean that the fix has worked as expected.

How should I Resolve the Netflix Error Code UI-800-2 on a Samsung Smart TV?

Resetting your Samsung Smart TV is often suggested for fixing the ui-800-2 error on your Samsung Smart TV. This process will only require a few minutes. Further, you can reset Smart Hub on your television for clearing this Netflix issue. By resetting it, Smart Hub will start working in a smooth manner. Thus, Netflix will not display the error afterward.

As described here, there are 2 fixes for settling the Netflix code ui-800-2 on your Samsung Smart TV. Should you need to find out the instructions required for these fixes, you can read more.

 Fix 1: Restart Your Samsung Smart TV

An error code like ui-800-2 on Netflix is not unusual for the users of Samsung Smart TV. The measure for repairing this error code is inclusive of restarting this television. As a part of this fix, you have to unplug the device and hold its Power button. You have to keep the button pressed for discharging the smart device. Once discharged, you can try plugging it as usual and run Netflix. 

Let us now look at the remaining steps of this measure by scrolling down.

  • Unplug your “Samsung Smart TV” for one minute.
  • Tap the “Power” button of the TV and keep holding it while the device is unplugged. Hold the “Power” button for at least five seconds to completely discharge the TV.
  • Now, plug in your “Samsung Smart TV” and turn it on.
  • Lastly, open the “Netflix” app. The error Netflix code ui-800-2 on the Samsung Smart TV will have been resolved by now. 

Fix 2: Reset Smart Hub on Samsung Smart TV

Smart Hub is a pre-installed application on your Samsung Smart TV that gives you access to numerous advanced features. This application has been introduced to give you an unbelievable TV-watching experience. Interestingly, the Netflix error ui-800-2 on the Samsung Smart TV can be corrected by resetting Smart Hub. 

When your television is on, press the button indicating Smart Hub on the remote. Tap on the D button for entering the Settings. Choose the Reset option and fill in the password to continue. You can also use the default pin in place of the password.

  • Your “Samsung Smart TV” needs to be kept on. 
  • Tap the “Smart Hub” button on the TV’s remote. Now, the Smart Hub screen will open. 
  • On the remote, tap the blue-colored letter “D” to open the “Settings” of the app.
  • Next, you have to click on “Reset”. 
  • Hit the “Enter” button on the Samsung Smart TV’s remote.
  • You will be required to enter the “Password”. 

Note: On forgetting the “PIN”, you can use the default pin which is “0000”.

The resetting process will begin as soon as you fill in the password. You will be notified when the process is complete. Start the “Netflix” app after Smart Hub has been reset. We believe that opening the movie-streaming application now will not display this error code.

How do I Remove the Netflix Error UI-800-2 on My LG Smart TV?

As you get bothered by the Netflix code ui-800-2 on the LG Smart TV, you should consider restarting it. You can remove its cable and power it off. Doing so will remove the bugs in your television. In addition, we will recommend you to reset your smart TV from its Settings. Hopefully, the error should not arise again.

For understanding the complete directions associated with these 2 measures, you can find help below.

Fix 1: Restart Your LG Smart TV

LG smart TVs are not exceptional to the ui-800-2 error code on Netflix. So, when your LG smart TV begins to display this error, you can restart it. Initially, you can turn off the television along with removing its power cable. Now, keep the Power button pressed for 5 seconds for draining the external charge left in it. You can turn on your smart TV later on and check that Netflix has become error-free. 

For dealing with the issue of the error ui-800-2 on Netflix on your LG Smart TV, you can make use of the following directions:

  • Turn off your “LG Smart TV” and remove its power cable for a few minutes.
  • Press the “Power” button of your smart TV for at least 5 seconds and then release it. Doing so will remove any external charge on the device.
  • Now, plug in the power cable and switch on the TV.
  • Open the “Netflix” app and check whether the Netflix error has been resolved. 

Fix 2: Reset Your LG Smart TV

This section will describe the process for resetting your LG Smart TV. Knowing this process will be essential for solving the ui-800-2 error while you use Netflix. You can visit the Menu of your TV and choose Settings. Press the Reset option and provide your confirmation. Now, you can start Netflix.

You can also read the following instructions for more assistance:

  • On your “LG Smart TV”, first press the “Menu” icon.
  • Then open the “Settings”.
  • On the “Settings” screen, scroll down to find the “Reset” option. In case the “Reset” option is not there, you will find the option of “Sign out” or “Deactivate”. Choose the same.
  • To confirm, tap the “Ok” button.
  • Once the resetting process is complete, launch the “Netflix” app and check for the Netflix error code ui-800-2 on the LG TV. The error won’t be there any longer. 

How Do You Fix the Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error on Roku?

On a streaming player like Roku, you can attempt to restart your device. This is a frequently performed fix that can be done by powering off the player. After starting it over, when you visit, help for the code ui-800-2 may not be required. This measure will have resolved the error.

For finding out more, you can keep reading.

Fix 1: Restart Your Roku Device

Encountering the ui-800-2 error on Roku at the time of running Netflix is common. The user can prefer starting over this player. To start with, you can plug out the streaming player. After 10 seconds, you can plug it in and also turn it on. Push any button on Roku’s remote and wait for a minute. Now, your player is ready to be used for streaming Netflix. The error shouldn’t occur now.

  • Unplug “Roku” and turn off the power for as many as 10 seconds.
  • Next, plug in “Roku” and turn on the power.
  • Tap any button on its remote to turn on the device.
  • Now, leave the device untouched for a minute.
  • After that, open “Netflix” and check whether or not the Netflix ui-800-2 error code has been resolved.

What is the Fix for the Nethelp Code U-800-2 on the Blu-ray Player?

Restarting your Blu-ray player is one of the recommendations for doing away with the nethelp ui-800-2 error. You only have to plug out and plug in your device for restarting it. There are chances that along with troubleshooting the problem, the performance of the player will also get a boost. We will also suggest you to sign out of the streaming app and reset it. 

As you read the sub-section given as follows, you will be able to know the correct way of restarting Blu-ray player and resetting Netflix.

Fix 1: Restart the Blu-ray Player

This section will introduce to you the measure for sorting the Netflix help code ui-800-2 on the Blu-ray player. This will be inclusive of restarting the player. It has been found that when you start it over, the issues with Netflix will be removed. Also, your device’s performance can become better.

You have to plug out the Blu-ray player. After keeping it unplugged for a complete minute, you have to push the Power button. Now, you can connect the cable of the device to start it. Later, you can try using Netflix on it. The ui-800-2 error may not be witnessed now.

  • The first step is to unplug your Netflix streaming device for a minute.
  • Tap and hold the “Power” button of the device for a few seconds while it is unplugged.
  • Now, plug in your device back to power. 
  • The fourth step is to turn it on.
  • Now, open the “Netflix” application and play any movie you want to. 

Fix 2: Sign Out and Reset Netflix on Blu-ray Player

On the Blu-ray Player, you may have seen the More Info option. You can use it for locating the option of Reset. After this, you can reset Netflix on the player. When this process is over, check that the ui-800-2 error on the application is not occurring any longer.

Below, you can find additional information for signing out of Netflix on your Blu-ray Player:

  • When this error turns up on the screen of your Netflix streaming device, click on “More Info” or “More Details”. 
  • Now, choose the option of “Reset”. For users who cannot see the “Reset” option, click on “Sign out”/“Deactivate”.
  • After performing the second step, you will be signed out of your Netflix account. So, now you have to “Sign in” again.
  • Then launch “Netflix”. The Netflix error ui-800-2 will not be a problem anymore. 

Quick Note: In case you do not see “More Info” or “More Details”, select “Settings” by navigating up. You can also press the “Gear Icon” to open the “Settings”. Then press a combination of these arrows on the remote of your device “Up”, “Up”, “Down”, “Down”, “Left”, “Right”, “Left”, “Right”, “Up”, “Up”, “Up”, “Up”.

How to Get Rid of the Code Netflix UI-800-2 Error on Media Player or Set-top Box?

It is usual to find the Netflix problem code ui-800-2 on your streaming media player or set-top box. By simply restarting the device, you can hope to fix it. While performing this fix, you will be required to discharge your device. Soon after, when you stream Netflix, this problematic code may not be experienced again.

Fix 1: Restart Streaming Media Player/Set-top Box

To restart your streaming media player/set-top box, you will have to turn it off. Let it stay plugged out for some time. Then press the Power button available on it. After some seconds have passed, you will notice that your device has become discharged. We will suggest that you turn it on now and head to launch Netflix. 

Here, you can find the steps needed for doing this fix:

  • Initially, unplug your “Streaming Media Player” or “Set-top Box” for a minute.
  • Now, keeping it unplugged, tap and hold the device’s “Power” button for a few seconds. Doing so will discharge it completely.
  • Next, plug in your device and turn it on.
  • Try the “Netflix” app. The error code ui-800-2 on Netflix will have settled by now. 

Quick Note: You may be unable to locate the “Power” button on your device. Leave your device unplugged for 3 minutes in that instance. 

Rounding Up

We hope we did an excellent job in giving you all the useful information about the error ui-800-2 that usually occurs on Netflix. We told you the meaning, causes, and the devices on which the error code can be typically encountered while streaming entertainment on this application. By now, you must have pioneered fixing the ui-800-2 error code like a pro on various devices such as smart TV and Roku. We will be pleased to hear how these measures to fix this Netflix error code worked for you. Let us know your views on this blog via the comment section.

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