How To Change Ink On Epson Printer

How To Change Ink On Epson Printer

How To Change Ink in Epson Printer?

When the ink levels drop low or the cartridge gets empty, you will be required to change the ink and install a new one in place. Learn with us how to change ink in Epson printers in this post. We have shown several procedures for changing the ink on your Epson printer. We have also shared model-specific ink change procedures. And in case your Epson printer does not work after changing the ink, then we have provided the fixes for that too. 

Let’s get started!

How to Change the Ink in My Epson Printer?

When the ink levels in your Epson printer get low or the cartridge empties up, you can use this simple method to change it. Check the following Epson printer instructions change ink.

1. First, check that your Epson printer is on.

2. Open its cover. Or if it has a scanner, then lift the scanner unit.

3. In case there is a message on the LCD screen about the low levels of ink in the device, press “Ok”. In case the message is not there, go to the “Setup” menu. Select “Maintenance”. Then choose “Ink cartridge replacement”.

ink - how to change ink in epson printer

4. Ensure that the print head is at the replacement position. If it is not, then press the “Maintenance” button. Avoid moving the print head with your hand. 

5. Now, access the cartridge cover.

6. Squeeze the tab on the cartridge’s end.

7. Now, keeping it straight, pull the cartridge upwards. 

8. Shake the new ink cartridge a few times and then remove its packaging.

9. You will see a yellow tape on the new cartridge. Remove this tape. Ensure that no other seals or labels are removed or else the ink will begin to leak.

10. Install the new ink cartridge in the holder. Push it downwards till you hear a clicking sound.

11. Next, shut the cover of your Epson printer.

12. Tap the “Maintenance” button after the installation is complete. Or you can press “Check” or “Ok” if the “Maintenance” button is not available.

13. Lastly, print a test page to ensure that the new ink cartridge has been correctly installed. 

How Do I Change the Ink in My Epson Printer for Remanufactured Cartridge?

Changing a remanufactured Epson printer cartridge requires care and the right set of instructions. The step-by-step procedure for Epson printer change ink cartridge has been given below. Read the steps carefully to change the remanufactured ink cartridge. 

1. Turn off the power for your Epson printer.

2. Also, unplug the power cable.

unplug - epson printer change ink

3. Now, you have to wait for 15 seconds.

4. Next, access the cartridge of your Epson printer.

5. Take out the cartridge carefully. Do not shake the cartridge and ensure that you keep it straight.

6. Remove the packaging of the new ink cartridge.

7. Install the new ink cartridge with care.

8. Then close your printer.

9. Now, connect the power cable and turn on your Epson printer.

10. Let your Epson printer process the new ink cartridge for a few minutes.

11. Now, take a test print to ensure that the cartridge has been installed correctly and is working.

How to Change Ink in My Epson Printer for EcoTank?

If you have EcoTank in your Epson printer, then you can refill it. Refilling the EcoTank ink is simple. Here, we have explained how to refill the ink tank in 14 clear steps. 

1. Access the ink tank cover of your Epson printer.

2. Open the cap of the ink pot that needs to be refilled.

3. Keep the cap safely in the EcoTank holder.

4. Take off the tip of the new ink bottle. 

5. In case there is a seal on the bottle, remove the seal carefully. 

6. Fill the EcoTank up to the top. 

7. If any ink is left in the bottle, cover it with a cap and use later when required. Always remember to store the ink bottle in a cool and dark place. 

8. Put the cap of the ink pot that has been refilled. 

9. Repeat this process to fill all the EcoTank for all the colours that need to be refilled. 

10. Then close the ink tank cover of your Epson printer. 

11. Print a test page after a while to make sure that the ink tanks have been refilled properly. 

Note: For all the procedures mentioned in this blog for Epson printer changing ink cartridges, we will advise you to be very careful when handling the cartridges. Also, in case the ink gets on your skin, wash it immediately with soap and water. You can also wear disposable gloves to avoid getting the ink on your hands. If the ink gets into your eyes, wash them with cold water. Spit it out immediately if it gets into your mouth. 

How to Change Ink on Epson Printer WF 2630?

Learn how to change your ink cartridge on an Epson printer WF 2630 in only 11 steps. Before you change the ink, read these steps to ensure there is no error while changing it. 

1. The first step is to turn on your printer.

2. If the ink cartridge is completely consumed, you might get a notification on the LCD screen. 

3. Before going for a change, always note down which cartridge will best fit your printer. Note which containers require to be swapped. Then press “Ok” and tap the “Up” arrow.

4. If you are swapping a cartridge in advance, then you will see a memo on the LCD screen. Press the “Up” or “Down” arrow key to select “Setup” function. Press “Ok”. Select “Maintenance”. Choose “Ink cartridge(s) replacement” and then press one of the “Start” switches.

5. Now, lift the scanner unit. Do not dislocate the printer head by hand. If it happens, you may damage your printer. Also, avoid touching the white flat cable inside the printer.

6. Press the tab on the ink container and lift the cartridge straight up. 

7. Before opening the new cartridge package, shake it. Avoid shaking the cartridge after opening the seal or else the ink will spill. Avoid dashing the green-coloured chip or the minor gap in the ink container. Install the new cartridge immediately after removing the old one. 

8. Take away the yellow adhesive tape from the side of the ink container. 

9. Place the new cartridge in the holder and push it until you hear a clicking sound. 

10. Shut the scanner unit.

11. Press one of the “Start” keys. The print head will move to its original position and start charging the ink. When the process is complete, you will be notified. 

A Word of Caution

It is recommended to leave the old and drained out cartridges in the printer, until and unless you have got a new pair of cartridges for the replacement of them. Epson WF 2630 change ink has a very easy replacement process. You can do it yourself. Also, keep in mind not to open the ink cartridges till the time you are ready to install new cartridges. The cartridges come with a vacuum packing to keep it up for a prolonged period.  

How to Change Ink in Epson Printer Stylus SX235W?

Are you looking for an easy way to change ink on Epson Stylus SX235W Printer? The easiest Epson printer change ink procedure has been shown below in 14 steps.

1. Lift up the scanner unit of the printer. If the print head is moving, wait until it stops. Avoid touching the print head or the white ribbon.

2. Tap the “Stop” button on the “Control Panel”.

3. Press the button to check the cartridges that are empty. 

4. Now, take out the new replacement cartridge. Shake it a few times while keeping it packed. 

5. Carefully separate the packaging from the cartridge. 

6. Take out the yellow tab from the new cartridge. Do not touch or remove any other piece from the cartridge. 

7. Release the tab of the old cartridge in your Epson printer.

8. Pull the old cartridge upwards, keeping it straight.

9. Install the new ink cartridge to your Epson printer. Gently push it downwards. When you hear a click, it will have been positioned correctly. 

10. Remove all the old ink cartridges in the similar manner.

11. Install all the new ink cartridges gently as and described above.

12. Now, put down the scanner unit and close your Epson printer.

13. On the “Control Panel”, press the “Stop” button. 

14. Allow your printer a few minutes to carry out the ink changing process. The process will be complete when the power light stops flashing.

15. Print a test page to check that the cartridges have been changed and are working too. 

Note: Epson Stylus SX235W Printer users can also use the “Epson Status Monitor” on their computer to check the ink levels in the cartridges. 

How Do You Change the Ink in an Epson Printer XP 430?

When the ink cartridge of your Epson XP 430 Printer  gets expended, you will receive a message on your screen to replace it. Let us now find out the procedure for Epson Printer XP 430 how to change ink cartridges.

1. When you see the message “Replace ink cartridges” on your printer’s screen, click on “Replace now”. In case the message does not appear, press the “Home” button on the “Control Panel”, then press the “Left” arrow key. Select “Setup” and then hit “Ok”. 

2. Press the “Right” arrow key to select “Maintenance”. Then press “Ok”.

3. Again press the “Right” arrow key. Keep pressing it until the option for “Ink cartridge replacement” comes. Then press “Ok”.

4. Now, pull the scanner unit upwards. The print head will stop moving on the right side of the scanner unit. 

5. Press the tab on every cartridge section to remove it. 

6. Then pull the cartridge upwards. Keep the cartridges in the same order as they were inside the printer. For the Epson XP 430 Printer, the order of the ink cartridges is black, yellow, magenta, and cyan.  

7. Now, keeping the new cartridges packed, shake them 4 to 5 times. 

8. Remove the packaging of the new ink cartridges.

9. Also, remove the yellow tab on the cartridges. 

10. Press the tab downwards. Place it in the right colour slot. When you hear a click sound, you can stop pressing the tab. Do not touch the gold and green chip on the ink cartridge.

11. Next, close the scanner unit of your Epson printer.

12. Press the “Start” button on the “Control Panel”.

13. Your device will take some time to charge the new ink. Wait for a few minutes.

14. When the ink charging is complete, a message will appear on the device’s screen. Then press the “Ok” button.

15. Ensure that the ink has been properly installed by taking a test print. 

How to Change Ink in Epson Printer Workforce 545?

In this section of the blog, we will be telling you how to change ink cartridges on your Epson Workforce 545 Printer. The Epson printer ink change instructions for this printer model are as follows. 

1. You will get a message on your printer’s screen to change the ink cartridges. Then select “Replace now”. If the message does not appear, then press the “Setup” button.

2. Choose the option of “Maintenance”.                        

3. Press the “Right arrow” key to choose “Maintenance”. Then press “Ok”.

4. Press the “Right arrow” again to select “Ink cartridge replacement”. Then press “Ok”.

5. Now, lift up the scanner to access the cartridges.

6. Access the cartridge cover and press the tab on the cartridge. 

7. Pull the cartridge for which you want to change the ink.

8. Press the tab on every cartridge’s end to take it out.

9. When you pull out the cartridges, ensure that they are kept in the correct order. For Epson Workforce 545 Printer, the correct order of cartridges is black, yellow, magenta, and cyan.

10. Shake the new cartridge before removing its packaging.

11. Take off the yellow tab from the new cartridge to access the vent hole. Avoid touching the green or golden chip.

12. Now, press the tab near the colour slot to install the new cartridge. Stop pressing it when you hear a sound.

13. Shut the cartridge cover.

14. Then lower down the scanner unit. 

15. Wait until your printer charges the ink. 

16. After the charging is complete, take a test print.

How to Change Ink in Epson XP 200 Printer?

Here you can see how do you change ink cartridge in Epson printer XP 200. This procedure can be carried out in 10 well-defined steps. 

1. Ensure your Epson XP 200 Printer is on.

2. Open the scanner unit.

3. Press the “Stop” button on the “Control Panel”.

4. Press the tab on the cartridge inside the device. Then lift it up.

5. Shake the new cartridge gently while it is packed.

6. Separate the packaging and also remove the yellow tape on the cartridge.

7. Then insert it in the holder by pressing it downwards.

8. Close the scanner unit.

9. Press the “Stop” button.

10. Wait 2 minutes to let the ink get charged.

Note: When the print head moves to the home position and you see the “Ink” light or “Power” light flash, the cartridge may not have been installed properly. Tap the “Stop” button and install the cartridge properly. 

My Epson Printer is Not Printing after Changing Ink

Your Epson printer not print after changing ink due to certain reasons, such as not removing the protective tape, formation of ink bubbles in the cartridge, and blockage due to dried ink. In some instances, your device will not recognize the newly installed ink cartridge and read it as empty. Let us see what you can do to troubleshoot this problem. 

Solution 1: Try Running the Cleaning Cycle

You may have correctly followed the procedure for how to change ink in an Epson printer. And yet your device might not be printing. This happens when you are not a frequent printer user. As a result, the same cartridge stays installed in your printer for a long time. This may cause the ink to get dried and leave impressions. Running the extended cleaning cycle can help fix this problem. For this, press the “Cleaning” button on your Epson printer for a few seconds. If your printer does not have this button, then check your device’s manual for the same. 

Solution 2: Reset the Ink Cartridge Counter

Considering the model of your Epson printer, it may have a cartridge reset feature. This feature can sometimes let your printer not recognize the newly installed ink cartridge. In that case, we will suggest you to reset the ink cartridge counter of your Epson printer. After resetting the ink cartridge counter, your device will be able to recognize the new ink cartridge. 

Solution 3: Ensure the Cartridge has been Properly Refilled 

If you have refilled your ink cartridge instead of opting for a replacement, then please ensure that it has been properly refilled. During the process of refilling the ink cartridge, air bubbles get formed. When these bubbles get trapped, your Epson printer will not print. As a solution, add more ink to the cartridge sponge when the bubbles get formed. Also, allow the cartridge to sit idle for at least an hour to dislodge to bubbles. 

Solution 4: Take off the Protective Tape

There can be a strip of protective tape on your Epson printer, depending upon the model. This protective tape is usually provided to block the nozzle and prevent the spilling of ink during the shipping. When you are changing the ink in an Epson printer, always ensure that you remove this strip of protective tape. If it is not removed, your device will not be able to print.  

Ink Change Procedures and Epson Printer Models

The procedures and solutions provided in this blog for changing the ink can work on the following models of the Epson Workforce Printer series.

Epson WF 435 Printer Epson WF 610 PrinterEpson WF 2530 Printer Epson WF 2650 PrinterEpson WF 2750 Printer

You can use our ink change procedures and other solutions for the models of the Epson XP Printer series given below in the table.

Epson XP 200 PrinterEpson XP 245 PrinterEpson XP 330 PrinterEpson XP 420 Printer

These solutions and procedures for changing the ink can be helpful for the following Epson printer models as well.

Epson SX 215 Printer Epson NX 110 Printer Epson NX 215 Printer

Concluding Note

In this post, we discovered the ink change procedures for several models of the Epson printer. We also came across the solutions for the Epson printer unable to print after changing the ink cartridges. We hope this blog was helpful to you. 

Also, check our blog on Epson Printer offline, authored by our tech experts especially for you!

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1 year ago

I do not see the instructions on changing the cartridge on the Workforce WF 2830. I know I did it right and tried several cartidges but it just shows “invalid” in the window. why does this happen? how can I get this thing to print?

Kevin Farrell
4 years ago

After replacing new ink my colour images are reddish-not natural.Why?

4 years ago

thanks for a perfect explanation. it worked!